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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Ulta Haul - Part 1

My Ulta haul wasn't huge but I really want to talk about each product individually 
so I will be doing several posts on my haul. 
This was free in my gift bag, if you spend $17.50 or more on Ulta brand products you get a bag filled with Ulta goodies valued at $88!
 This mascara retails for $10
My before
My eye looks horrible and sickly!!! EWWW Sorry!!
My after
I like this mascara, it glided on smooth, the applicator was nice and it has great consistency.
Would I buy it for $10?
No, only because I like my Loreal Double Extend better and it is cheaper than $10
I do like this for when I am lazy and do not feel like using the 2 step Loreal.  
It got a 3 out of 5  rating on Ulta.com
Have you ever tried this mascara? If so, what did you think??

This was my splurge item. After buying it , I felt really stupid. I did NO research on gel eyeliners. I never heard of Pur Minerals either. I asked the lady and she said she used and loved it. Being a newbie to gel liner I really have no idea if this is good or not. I paid $17 for this pot.  It got a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Ulta.com
If you have been reading you know that I have been having issues with my liquid eyeliner not going on smooth. I am not sure if it is my eye, my application or the applicator. Who knows. All I know is I have ruined many eye looks because of crooked messy looking liner. This liner is more forgiving for sure. I have been putting it on with an angled eyeliner brush. Is that right? How the heck do you clean the brush after using it? This liner is pretty heavy and messy ( sticky) so it is hard to wash out of the brush. I got some of this on my hand and it would not come off with soap and water, I had to use makeup remover. I reckon that is a good thing!!! This pot seems like it will last forever which is a plus.
Here is a quick eye lined 
 This is leaps and bounds better than what my liner has been looking like lately!!
So would I recommend this liner?  I think so... I like it. I have nothing to compare it too but it seems like a lower priced gel liner.It has some insane staying power. One thing I do not like is that I do need to go over the line at least 2 times to get a bold solid black color. Is this normal with all gel liners?

Here is my EOTD.
Random purple, Random Green and Virus Insanity Intoxicated on the eyes.


  1. I use ELF cream liner in black and I only have to apply it once to get a very bold black color. I only paid $3 for the pot and $3 shipping and it came with an angle brush. It was my first and only experience with a cream/gel liner so I cant compare it with anything but I LOVE it. But just like yours, soap and water wont remove it. I have been using a small amount of aloe on a paper towel to wipe it off my eye and that seems to work really well. As far as cleaning the brush, I need some tips on that too. I wipe mine off with a paper towel several times until I get as much off the brush as I can but If you find a better way of cleaning it, please let me know :) Great haul and cant wait for reviews of the other stuff especially the blush and lipstick

  2. I went back to Ulta to get another gift bag to give away here but they were out. I found they had Ulta gel liner for under $10. grrrrr. I would have rather tried that before the $17 one!

  3. I have wet n wild's gel liner and ELF's cream liner, both in black and I love them! I just wish I had a better angled brush, I mess up alot because of that :-/

    Where is there an Ulta at?