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Friday, September 11, 2015

August Birchbox!

I got my August Birchbox finally! I am just barely getting back into the swing of things with blogging so my posts may not be the best. I have been so busy for over the last year with the new baby and everything else that blogging fell to the wayside. I realize that when I lost my domain that all my links for most of my previous posts are broken now. I do not have the time to go back through and fix them all so I apologize for that!. I do instagram A LOT so you can always follow me there - Confessionsofaglitterholic .

I renewed my subscription to Birchbox because honestly I just like getting things in the mail! I also like that they include a lot of different skin care products. I am comfortable but not well off enough to spend a ton of money trying out different skin care products so this way I can sample and see what I like and works for me. Years ago I got a sample of Porefessional from Benefit in my Birchbox and it quickly became my favorite product and I use it everyday! Here is a link to Birchbox if you would like to sign up. This is my referral link so I will get points if you sign up using it!

 I am not going to review each product as detailed as I used to on this post because I am blogging as fast as I can before my toddler wakes up!

 The dry shampoo hair is nice. I am washing my hair a lot less because my green is washing out quicker since I did a bleach bath on my hair a few months back. I found the whole "Death Valley" thing a bit weird and felt like it didn't really have anything to do with the product but overall I liked it.

I really do not feel like I can give a real opinion on this shampoo because one use is not enough to  say if it does what it claims to do. It made my hair feel nice though.

I love all dr.brandt products so I was super happy to get this sample. I love it. I have used it all.

I have not tried this lotion out yet so I do not have an opinion =)

I HATED this product. I hate the feeling of sunscreen in general but thought that since this was for your face and pores that it would be nice but it was thick, heavy, greasy and gross. I literally had to scrub it off my hands after applying to my face.

The Balm is THE BOMB! I love everything they make so I was very happy to get this tiny sample of bronzer. It is beautiful and I am going to buy the full size as soon as I finish the sample!

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