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Friday, August 23, 2013

Quick Step by Step Pictorial

      Lately on Instagram teal and brown EOTD's are all over the place. I personally LOVE the combo of teal and brown. So much that my bedroom is done in those colors. I decided to do an EOTD inspired by all the gorgeous looks on Instagram. I changed it up and did a teal and reddish brown. Below is a quick pictorial on how I did this look. In the pics it looks as if it could be blended out a bit more on the top but in person it looked nice.


Step One
Gather your supplies. For this look I used BFTE Tickle Me which is a teal/aqua color, and then yellow, orange, red and purple eye shadows all from Sugarpill. You could cheat and use a brown and purple eye shadow instead.  Prime and add your eye shadow base. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.
Step Two
Using an eyeshadow brush add the teal/aqua to your lid up to the crease.

 Step Three
Grab your yellow, orange and red eye shadows and using a new brush apply them in the crease and slightly above. I used Sugarpill Flamepoint, ButterCupcake and Love+. One color over the other as seen below in the pictures. You can use the same brush for all three colors because you want to mix them in the end. I used a small eye shadow brush for this application

Step Four
 Grab a fluffy blending/crease brush and your yellow eye shadow and go over the crease and blend the colors together. Use the yellow to blend out the top edge and side of the eye shadow. Be careful not to blend it into the teal/aqua area. Use as much yellow as you want. The more yellow you use the less red the color is going to look.

 Step Five
Grab your purple eyeshadow and the same blending/crease brush. I used Sugarpill Poison Plum.

Apply the purple directly to the crease to deepen the crease color.

You're Done!

Add liner and mascara if desired!!

Thanks for reading,
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