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Sunday, August 18, 2013

My favorite brushes!

I was asked to do a post about makeup brushes recently so I figured I would share my favorite brushes with you all. These are brushes I use every single day. I would be lost without these brushes!

Eye shadow Brushes
I have quite a few eye shadow brushes but these are
the three eye shadow brushes I always reach for. I basically
use shadow brushes to apply shadow in the general
area and then a blending brush does all the real work. That being said,
I am not too picky when it comes to shadow brushes. They must be soft,
small in size ( if I am applying one color to the lid
 I use a larger shadow brush) and lower in price.
Top: Up and Up Medium Eye shadow Brush. 
This brush is perfect size, applies the shadow
nicely and is cheap! Less than $3.00 and available at Target!
Middle: Real Techniques Shading Brush.
This brush is also perfect size but a bit rounder than the Up
and Up brush. It also applies the shadow just right.
At $5.99 the price is right!
Bottom: Pink Shadow Brush from My Glam Bag/Ipsy
I have no idea the brand on this, but it was from one of the early My Glam Bag
subscriptions last year. It the smallest out of the three and I use it most for applying
shadow to the inner area of my eye. It is great for precision application

Blending and Crease Brushes
I am addicting to trying new crease/blending brushes. I have quite a few
now and these two remain my absolute favorite. I truly would not be able to do
my makeup without these brushes. I am also a fan of the Up & Up Crease brush
available at Target. I think it works really well and is super affordable. I really
prefer goat haired crease/blending brushes over any other type.
Top: Mac #222 Tapered Blending Brush.
This brush is AMAZING. It applies crease color and blends out
edges with ease. I have said before, basically you put the eye shadow on
the brush and the #222 does the rest. This brush was limited edition but has
been seen at CCO's and on other websites for sale. If you have the opportunity
to pick this up I would grab it as fast as you can! I actually have nightmares
about losing this brush. Yikes.
Bottom Hakuhodo J146 Round Eye Shadow Brush.
When I seen this brush at IMATS I thought it looked like a smaller
#222 so I had to have it. Oh Em Gee. It is amazing. I actually prefer this
brush for adding crease color and depth over the #222 because of the size.
It has all the same amazing qualities as the #222 except it is a little bit smaller.
This brush retails for $17 which is a great deal for how awesome this
brush is. I have heard that the shipping prices on the Hakuhodu website
are a bit much so if you have the chance to pick this brush up at an expo
or convention it will save you some money.

Face Brushes
I have more face brushes but these are the ones I use on a daily basis.
I do not really use any type of finishing powder or all
over powder on my face so my big fluffy brushes are rarely used.
Top: Real Techniques Stippling Brush.
I used to apply foundation with my fingers. Ew, I know. I watched
a tutorial from Wayne Goss about using a stippling brush and thought
it looked neat. I decided on the Real Techniques brush because of the price.
At under $10 it was affordable enough for me to try out in case I did
not like using it for foundation. After using it once I was sold. I have used it for
my foundation every single day ever since! I barely dab it into my foundation
and then apply it to my face in a circular motion. The bristles are different lengths
which help to not get too much foundation on the brush. This brush gives a flawless
airbrushes effect when used to apply foundation.
Middle: Real Techniques Buffing Brush
I actually use this for bronzer and contouring my cheeks and around
my hairline. I like how the brush is flat on top, it gives a nice surface for
applying and buffing the product on the skin. I am not 100% in love with this
brush for bronzer and contouring but at this point it is the best I have
tried for the application I am using it for.
Bottom: MAC 168SE Angled Contour Brush
Here is another brush I can not live without. It is also a goat hair brush.
I got this brush in a trade from someone last year. It is a mini
travel sized brush but  there is a large version
available. I hope to get it eventually. I use this brush to apply
blush. It is the perfect size for my face. It fits the area I want to apply
blush to exactly. The angle is just right as well. It was like it was
made for my face. The large version of this brush retails for $35

Last this this random brush I use for my eyebrows.
This brush is also from the My Glam Bag so the brand is unknown.
It is a typical angled eyeliner brush but it is a bit smaller than the others
I own so it is perfect for doing my brows. A great alternative to this brush
is the Up & Up eyeliner brush from Target. It is a little bit bigger but not
by much. I use this brush everyday to apply my eyebrow color.

What are your favorite brushes? I love trying new brushes, any recommendations?
Thanks for reading,
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