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Monday, July 1, 2013


   My husband and I went to the first PHAMExpo last Saturday! It was a blast and I was so happy to have him with me, he is totally my best friend so it was so much fun to show him the world of makeup that I am so immersed in! We both has VIP passes that had my blog name on it. So cool!!


The PHAMExpo was really nice. It was held at the Pasadena Convention Center ( same place as IMATS LA). They carpeted the whole auditorium. Weird to mention but it was a HUGE area. The whole expo had a luxurious lush feel to it. I have had a lot of people ask me questions about how PHAME compared to IMATS. First off, all of the same big vendors were there, as well as alot of the same small ones. There were less small vendors at PHAME compared to IMATS though. The crowd was smaller of course but the lines at some of the booths were much longer than at IMATS. They had three stages where people spoke and did demos. PHAME did not have all the FX type booths like IMATS or the smaller classes but I imagine as PHAME grows things like that will be added. For a new expo PHAME certainly rocked!

After we got in, we went straight to the Sugarpill booth. VIP hours started at 8:30 AM and we arrived around 9:30. The Lime Crime and Sugarpill lines were CRAZY long. I didn't care though, I was just excited to get my hands on some Sparkle Baby! While standing in line the adorable Elessa Jade of Purse Buzz walked by so I snagged a pic with her!
The Sugarpill booth was awesome as usual and the girls (and Drew) behind the counter looked so cute and colorful. I will admit that once we got up to the counter my fangirling started and I pretty much could not turn it off for the whole day. I was dorkGALORE! When I seen Drew I almost squealed. I first met him at IMATS in January and feel in love with his personality. He is a SWEETHEART! So yeah, I was excited to see him again. Even my husband loved him!! Hahahah!

Elektro Cute are the new Chromalusts from Sugarpill. I did not pick any of these up because they are just too bright and glittery for my old face. They are GORGEOUS in person though and will be available soon I hear!

SPARKLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course I bought all four of these new colors. I will have a post up soon! I also bought the limited edition Chromalust and an extra one I will be giving away within the week! Overall I spent the most at the Sugarpill booth. I got 5 Sparkle Baby's , 3 Asteria's and a Burning Heart Palette for my niece.

Okay, you have no idea how freaking happy I was in this moment. I walked up for the picture practically freaking out. If you follow Shrinkle on Instagram you know her love for Porcelain. I joked that I wanted to be in the middle of them for the pictures, we laughed and then it happened. Shrinkle said, "Hey you are Confessions of a Glitterholic right"? I almost died! So yeah that is why I look like I am about to burst from happiness here!!!

 I finally got Drew not working! He is totally slouching because he was a good 2 feet taller than me LOL
After the Sugarpill booth we headed over to Lime Crime. I wanted to get Babette and a couple of the palettes I missed at IMATS. 
We rested our feet and watched Doe Deere speak. She touched on a lot of different topics. It was fun to listen and learn more about her personality and how she started Lime Crime.

Cassie Wanda checked me out last year at IMATS and I started following her on Instagram afterwards. Come to find out she is a princess! Really! She sews the most AMAZING Disney princess themed gowns as well as dresses. She also dresses up as princesses! So cute! She made the lip dress that Doe Deere is wearing in the pictures above! Go check her out on Instagram!
After the two booths and watching Doe speak we were hungry so we braved the 100 degree heat and walked to lunch. We decided on The Yardhouse because we both wanted some drinks. The restaurant was PACKED so we ended up on the patio. It was humid as heck but after a couple pomegranate margaritas I was fine! LOL
Then I remembered Babette was in my shopping bag!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It was all beady and the tip was melting a bit. I immediately went into MAKEUP PROTECTOR mode and got a glass of ice for Babette to lounge in while we ate. I will admit that I bought a bag of ice for the drive home for her too.

 Sadly I did not take a good picture of my makeup for the day. The brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills Teal Tornado of course, the eyeshadow is all Sugarpill Heart Palettes and the glitter is Glamour Doll Eyes applied with Eye Kandy glitter adhesive. The lashes are Katy Perry again. Same ones still, these lashes hold up GREAT wear after wear. I have to also bring up how awesome Claudia ( I believe she is Anastasia's daughter, because they look so much alike I thought she was Anastasia!) from the Anastasia Beverly Hills booth was. I was going to buy a new Covet pencil in Noir because my last one twisted up into the lid by itself right after I got it. I asked her if there was a tip to avoid that from happening again and she gave me a new Covet in Noir for free. How awesome of customer service is that!!!
 The students from various makeup academies did amazing makeup on models who were walking around the expo.

When we came back from lunch I noticed a colorful person out of the corner of my eye, IT WAS JEFFREE STAR!! I ran over and got a quick pic with him. He was super nice and really pretty in person. I always wondered if he used a lot of photoshop in his pics because he always looks perfect but I can say he looks perfect in real life too.

 Later that night I noticed a pic he posted in Instagram and thought his lips were Babette so I posted Babette? and he responded to me. WOOOOOOT!

I also ran across the amazing Durga and the Queen of Blending!

Resting my feet and posting on Instagram LOL

I went somewhat crazy at the Morphe Brushes booth. They had an insane amount of different style brushes for very affordable prices. I picked up a few things and went to check out. I gave my blogger information sheet and the owner gave me my whole basket for free. Awesome and so sweet!!

 My haul <3

Overall I had an AMAZING time. I love makeup and I love the whole makeup "world" Just like with IMATS I really feel at home at these shows. Being surrounded by makeup and all the other people who love it just as much is undescribale. I can't wait for the PHAMExpo next year!!
Huge thanks to the PHAMExpo for the VIP passes, to Morphe Brushes and Anastasia Beverly Hills for the free things, to all my makeup and beauty idols for taking time to take pics with me and to my awesome husband for coming with me and making it one of the best days ever!!!

I will be blogging swatches and reviews during the whole next month!

 Thanks for reading,
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  1. Awesome!! Sounds like it was super fun time. I'm mad jealous of your Sugarpill purchases!

  2. Loved reliving the day through your post. Can't wait til next year!

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  4. Your makeup was lovely :) I'm super jelly you got to meet the Sugarpill crew and Doe Deere, I wish they'd come to the london IMATS. I wish I was in the US so I could have attended this xD I look forward to seeing close up shots of sugarpills new collection and Babette's new lipstick! :)

    1. I know, I feel bad for people who are not located near Los Angeles. I feel really lucky to be able to be close and attend these events!

  5. This looked like it was soo much fun and i actually felt like i was kind of there through your post and photos which is especially great because living in canada, phamexpo wasn't entirely accessible....(or affordable for me to just pop on over to attend LOL), so i am really appreciative of this post! Also, love the photos of you Christina with your hubby! He didn't look bored at all!! :D YAY! :)


    1. Awww thank you Autumn. I feel bad sometimes with these posts because I do not want anyone to feel bad because they couldnt attend or seem like I am being braggy. My husband actually had a good time. I kept saying, " I am almost done", or "let me carry all the bags" and he would just say no lol. He is a keeper for sure.

  6. awwwh thanks for sharing your time there, looks like you had so much fun, and its awsome having your other half support your love for makeup my husband is like that to i always thought they were in short supply of men who supported this passion but theres probably alot more out there then i thought or were lucky(; eaither way cant wait for swatches && ahhhhhh jeffree star!! love all the photos you got a really great read<3

    1. I am very lucky. My husband is extremely supportive. He totally gets why their are certain items or brands that I " NEED ". I am glad you have a good hubby too!!!