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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Body Needs - Take Two

 I have debated on doing this review for the past couple of months. These are the type of reviews I HATE to do. But I figured it is only right to share this. Before I go on, let me say that this is MY experience with The Body Needs. You may have had great experiences with them and I am very glad about that. However my experience was not all that.

I will start at the beginning. On Feb 15th I placed a large order. Last time I ordered the shipping was expensive so this time I planned to spend over $50 to get free shipping. After using the 30% discount code that was emailed in their newsletter my total was $51.55. One thing that I noticed while shopping was that you could get "RUSH PROCESSING" for an extra $4.95. That annoyed me. For a variety of reasons. Basically that is saying, if you give us more money we will value you, over our other customers, whose orders are in front of yours. I knew from my previous order that shipping takes awhile and their website clearly states shipping time

"Orders typically ship within 3-7 business days after payment is received. 
The USPS quotes 2-9 business days for domestic parcels"

On March 7th I contacted The Body Needs via the contact submission form on their website asking for the status of my order. 13 business days had passed since I placed my order and I had no tracking information. No response. I contacted them again the next day via the same form and got a response saying,

"I am sorry – AOL has been blocking our emails. Our IT team says the problem is fixed so I hope this goes through.

The USPS seems to have lost your package and we reshipped it on Thursday, after your original email.
We did respond, but the emails were just bouncing back as SPAM.

Again, I do apologize!"

 At this point I am a bit annoyed but still fine. I got the package Saturday which means it took only two days to ship the package which is really fast but it was still 17 business days after placing my order which is only one day past their maximum shipping time. I personally believe that my order was never shipped and lost. I think that my order surpassed the shipping and handling time so when I brought it up they just said it got lost and were sending a new one to appease me. I believe that once I brought it up they made sure my order went right out. I could be wrong. Once again, this is my opinion. I was happy and excited to get my order, however the first thing I noticed inside one of the baggies was a black hair. GAG.

 photo IMAG0342.jpg

I contacted The Body Needs via the contact submission form on the website once again and got an email back right away from their packaging guy. He apologized and said the baggies are very static and must have attracted a hair. He also offered a discount for the next time I ordered. At this point I am just aggravated and sort of grossed out. I tossed the hair and sprayed all the outside of the lipsticks with alcohol. Another thing I noticed and did not like were that only some of the lipsticks had shrink wrap bands.

 photo 394.jpg

 I was pretty excited to swatch everything and try on the different shades. However as I was swatching I found a piece of hairy fuzz in two of the lipsticks and the texture of a couple to be completely unusable.
 photo 395.jpg

This was how the lipstick looked after I tried to lightly apply it to my lips. Out of the bunch three were like this.
 photo 399.jpg

 I did not even bother contacting them again about this. I was so over the whole situation at this point. A majority of the lipsticks are fine. I sanitized everything with alcohol and threw out the ones with fuzz in them. I am not going to be ordering from The Body Needs again which is sucky because I really liked the whole concept of MAC lipstick samples. I posted on Facebook about the long shipping time and got a few responses from people singing the praises of  The Body Needs. Like I said before, I know a lot of people have had great experienced with them, however mine was not all that.

Thanks for reading,
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  1. Wow that sucks. :( I ordered for the first time right before you did I believe, because I was upset that like a day after I'd ordered, they came out with that sale. Of course that isn't their fault, it's happened to me before with other companies and is always upsetting; I should just remember to wait if I'm ordering near a holiday, lol. Anyway, I too waited a long time for my order to be processed/shipped. I attributed it to the sale they were having and didn't bother contacting the company, just waited it out. By the last day of the stated TAT, I got a shipping notice, so I was relieved. I got my order and have been enjoying everything since then. I didn't notice any hairs or fuzzy things, and my MAC lipstick samples were perfectly fine, no application issues at all. Like yours though, some were shrink-wrapped and some weren't, which I thought was a bit odd. I actually didn't appreciate the wrapped ones because they were so hard to open, it took me like 20 minutes to unwrap like 6 lipstick samples lol. It's weird how our experiences varied so wildly even though we ordered around the same time... I may order from them again but if anything like this happens to me, that's it. I can totally understand your feelings and your reluctance to post them. Thanks for putting your experience out there, I know it's hard to post negative things about a company. Your honesty is appreciated.

    1. Thank you Emily. I feel bad posting reviews like this because overall they seem like a good company.

  2. omg thats really shitty, sorry your had a bad experiance.
    i know it sucks posting bad reviews but thanks for ur honesty.