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Monday, February 18, 2013

That Crazy Lady is back

My makeup has been all kinds of cray lately so even when I take pics I have not been posting them. But I figured you all could get a chuckle out some of the glitter, lashes and bad pics! Enjoy!

Trying to be all sexy...FAIL LOL
 I used Sugarpill Tako, Dollipop, Love+ and Poison Plum. I also used some red Bling Spirit glitter and Klean Color lashes.

Sick of trying to get a good pic so I just made a freak face

I used my new Lime Crime Aquataenia palette for this look.

Crazy colorful weirdo going to Target makeup

 I know I used Sugarpill Flamepoint and Dollipop but everything else after that is a blur. Once again, tried of trying to get a "pretty" picture

This was Fyrinnae, a TON of glitter with a little of Lotus Noir from Lime Crime.

 Thanks for reading,
I edit all my photo's using PicMonkey! Go check them out!

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