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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sauce Box Eye Shadow in Eye Love

 I still have makeup from IMATS that I have not even touched yet. This is crazy. It has been a month!! I have not been wearing much makeup during the week and now am addicted to watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. That combined with my everyday chores and schooling the kids leaves me with no time or motivation for makeup. BOOOOOOO!! We were going to the Alpaca show early the other day
 ( Yes, I said Alpaca show lol) so I decided to throw on one shade and went for my new Sauce Box eye shadow!

 I ended up picking up only one eye shadow from Sauce Box. I paid $5 which was a steal. By the time Steph and I hit the Sauce Box booth I had already spent WELL over my budget. Sauce Box did have some eye catching colors that would have been unique additions to my stash/hoard.
Regular price for these eye shadows are $8. It looks like they have 18 single colors to choose from on the website. They also have some really pretty color combinations available in palettes. They do appear to be out of stock of a bunch of colors though. I have to say, the name Sauce Box just gets me. I can't get the image of spaghetti sauce and well, you know.... out of my mind.

I love myself a matte shadow. The website calls this shade pink, my husband called it red and to me it seemed more of a coral color. It applied really nicely, opaque, and the edges blended out well. I have only used it by itself so I can not say how well it plays with others quite yet.

Overall I really like this shadow. I wish I would have picked up a few more colors at IMATS. I think the pricing of $8 per shadow is fair. The shadows are pretty big. I can't find the sizing on the Sauce Box website but they are the same size as Sugarpill shadows. When I am finally done blogging all the IMATS and other things I will probably be making an order for a few more single shadows.

Have you tried Sauce Box? If so, what do you think? What are your favorite shadows from Sauce Box?

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  1. Hi! Long time lurker, first time commenter over here! Just wanted to thank you for this post because this brand seems AMAZEBALLS and I finally pulled the trigger today and bought a few of their matte singles. I'm so excited to get them :D

    Your swatches are great and your looks are really creative; keep up the awesome *thumbs up*

  2. You made me lol so bad. My phone always autocorrects amazing to AMAZEBALLS. I really like this brand. Let me know how you liked the other shades you got.