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Thursday, February 21, 2013


 Here is a rarity for you! A nail post! My nails are in decent shape so I thought I would take a pic of my recent polish job and give my opinions on the Fergie for Wet N Wild star polish. I do not post about nail polish often for numerous reasons. One being my nails are tiny. Not just short, like the whole nail bed is quite small. Another reason is I am not good at doing cool artsy things to my nails. I like a coat of color and a coat of glitter. Bam. Done!
 I used Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Pacific Blue ( which I found quite thin when I applied). Next I used Wet N Wild Hollywood Walk of Fame by Fergie. I do not have the best luck with polishes like these. Small nails do not work well polishes that have shapes or large flakes in a clear polish. As I figured one swipe on my nail gave me nothing but a thick clear coat. I got a piece of paper and dropped a blob on it and sort of separated the stars and the clear coat. Then I wiped all the excess clear coat off the brush and applied the stars. It was a mess because it was so dry. It rubbed some of my Pacific Blue off in spots. By then I was annoyed so I grabbed Sinful Colors glitter in Frenzy and just slapped it over it all. I ended with a clear coat of Sally Hansen Extreme Wear. It ended up looking cute but was a hassle. The edges on most of the stars are lifting so they snag on everything. I am going to return the Fergie polish because it really doesn't work for me and I am not impressed by it at all.
Have you tried this polish? Does it work better on larger, longer nails? What did you think of Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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  1. I have the same problem with large flakies catching on everything, which is a huge problem for me as I am a seamstress. I do have one polish with the stars (OPI The Impossible) and I quite like it on my toes. Also they don't snag on things down there :)

    1. Funny you say that, I used it on my toes and really like it. My fingers though, UGHHHHHH. The stars are lifting more and so rough and scratchy. I am gonna take it off tonight.

  2. I skipped this polish because I figured I would have trouble picking up the glitter, and it just didn't seem worth it. Sounds like my guess was right. :(