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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Accidental Awesomeness......

I am so super happy!! You have no idea!! Last year when I first bleached my hair it was with the intentions of doing teal over the bleached hair. Well the hair turned a disgusting form of gold so red went over it. A few months later I decided to go to the salon and get some purple streaks. Still not what I was looking for so I started bleaching myself again. It worked nicely but my hair was never light enough to go teal so I did purple. I loved the purple and everyone else did too, I got a ton of compliments every time I went out. I was content on keeping the purple and did for quite awhile now. Last week I decided I needed to do my roots. I am an old lady and the grays were looking a bit gross. So I went to Sally Beauty Supply and picked up Kaleidocolors violet based bleach along with Clairol Creme Developer in Volume 30. 

I mixed in a little too much developer so I was afraid that it was not going to lighten my hair. I had a small section in the back of my head that was black still and never bleached. I put the bleach on that first and then realized I may not have enough to do my whole head. After that I did my roots and then applied it to the previously bleached areas. In the past when I put bleach on the pieces that were bleached before they would turn white almost instantly. This time they turned green. I was horrified and happy at the same time . You can see in the picture the roots also were not processing very light. In the end they turned a golden yellow color and the rest was green or teal. It was really strange.

Since I had been waiting, hoping, wishing and yearning for the day my hair was white/light enough to add the teal seeing the teal/green bleached pieces made me ECSTATIC!!!! I had a bottle of Raw dye that my gorgeous teal haired gem of a friend sent me last year waiting for me in my medicine cabinet. I had a sample of Loreal Sulfate Free EverCreme shampoo and conditoner so after I rinsed the bleach out I used it. OH MY GOSH.....My hair felt AMAZING. It really did not feel like it had been processed at it. In fact, it felt better than it did before bleaching!

I set up a station with Manic Panic Ultra Violet and Raw Twisted Teal along with a couple paint brushes and went to town. I applied Ultra Violet to my roots and anything yellow or still purple and applied Twisted Teal to anything green or teal. The results are what I have been wanting forever!!! I am so happy!!!

Pictures do not do this hair justice!! There is so much color variation going on and my camera will not pick it all up. I have purples, greens, teals and blue and it looks so cool!! I am so happy with this accident!

My only complaint is touching it up is going to be a bit more of a pain now. Before I could just slop a whole bunch of purple dye all over and now I have to do it by sections. This turned out so awesome so I am okay with the extra work though. I have heard that teal/blues fade out really fast but since my bleached hair was green/teal maybe it wont fade so bad. I am going to try and wash my hair less and use a sulfate free shampoo so hopefully it will be vibrant in between touch ups!

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  1. I like it! I wish I had the guts to do something like this!
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    Have a great day dear!

  2. I've had my hair black for like eight years. I really want to make it purple or blue, but I'm a little reluctant to bleach. Either way, seeing your hair really makes me want to take the plunge. Haha.

  3. My hair was pink for quite a while and I loved it!

  4. This is beyond awesome :) i seriously LOVE the blues purples and greens! I wish I was brave enough to do it to my own hair but I know it'd end up some funky colors I'd hate lol.