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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Help me spread some Holiday Cheer!

The donations are rolling in!!  Vivi from Mon Ennui sent some gorgeous pigments! Check out her shop here.

Hailey from Boggs Beauty Reviews donated 40 elf makeup brushes and a bunch of fabric for the gift bags!! Check out her pages here .

If you are interested in donating please read below! Thank you so much Vivi and Hailey!!


I am doing this again! Last year I was able to send out over 36 gift bags filled with makeup to special ladies nominated by you, my readers! Last year was a huge success with MANY donations. You all made it possible to brighten the day of ladies who really needed. This holiday season I want to share and spread even more holiday cheer. This year I am on a tighter budget so I will need help again!
  Here is exactly what I am doing. I am compiling various makeup and beauty items and making up complete gift bags. These gift bags will be sent to ladies nominated by you who are in need of a pick me up this holiday season. I do not pick and choose who will get a bag, I plan on sending a bag to everyone nominated. I am purchasing makeup myself, taking money donations and product donations as well. Last year the response to this was unbelievable. So many companies sent full size products, many readers spent their own money to buy products and many people donated Paypal to help with the high shipping costs to send out the bags. Last year I planned on doing 10 large bags but so many people donated and there were so many ladies who deserved a pick me up so we did over 36 bags instead. This year I am not going to do a set amount. I am going to do as many as I can. I also am going to do a poll after I am done compiling the products to see if you all would rather me do a smaller amount of larger gift bags or more smaller ones.

    I want these bags to be even more awesome than last year! I am looking for all types of cosmetic items from samples, full size products, deluxe samples, skin care, perfumes, paypal donations to be used towards purchasing products and shipping. All I ask if the products be brand new, sealed and if Indie, have ingredients listed on them. If you are interested and would like for information or to donate please email me at Glittermomto6@aol.com.  Also if you donate PLEASE send business cards with your stuff so I can add them to the bags.

 These bags will be sent out to ladies who are nominated by you. You can nominate yourself or someone you know who could use a pick me up. Maybe times are hard , or you just can't afford to treat yourself lately. Going through a tough time or do you just get overlooked during the holiday season because you are a mom? Anyone who could use a gift of cheer can be nominated. I will be accepting nominations as the holiday season approaches. I love giving during the holiday season and I am so excited about this. If you know of anyone who would be interested in donating products please pass this link along.

Here are the links from last year if you would like to read! Also if you donated or received a gift bag please comment below and talk about your experience!
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Thanks for reading,