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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My skin care routine unveiled!

   Quite a few people ask me about my skin care routine and what I am using. My skin has undergone such an improvement over the last year so I thought I would share. This is MY routine and obviously will not work for everyone. I still like to try out new things here and there but for the most part I stick with the same weekly routine. I have combination skin, my chin and around my mouth tend to be very dry and my cheeks and forehead tend to be oily.

Morning -
  After I wake up I wash my face using a cream cleanser. Normally I use Say Yes To Carrots cream cleanser but for the last month I have been using Own Rejuvenating Cleanser. I used to hate cream cleansers because they did not foam up when washing. I related bubbles with clean. It took awhile but I noticed some great results in my skin from using Say Yes To Carrots cream cleanser. I prefer it over the Own cleanser only because the formula is a bit more creamy and I like the scent better.

Then I usually will do an eye cream. I will use either Lumene Time Freeze Firming Eye Cream or Own Lifting Eye Cream. Both are very nice formulas. I do not have a lot of wrinkling around my eyes yet, ( THANK YOU LORD) so I feel like these creams are helping prevent them.

Then I moisturize using Own Anti-Aging Broad Spectrum Dual Protecting SPF30 Day Lotion. Before this I was just using a generic Olay lotion which seemed to do a decent job. I really like this new lotion by Own because it goes on smoothly and sinks into my face without feeling heavy or greasy.

Bedtime -
  Before I go to bed I wash my makeup off and my face at the same time using Neutrogena Fresh Foaming cleanser. I am in LOVE with this cleanser. I apply a dime size amount to my hands and that is all I need to get all of my makeup off. Even the black gel liner and mascara. I gently rub my face and eyes and it comes right off. I have heard that using an all in one cleanser like this can be bad for your eye skin because it is overly drying. I personally find it better for eye skin because you are not tugging, rubbing or pulling to get your eye makeup removed. As long as you use a good eye moisturizer you will be fine.

Then I add my eye cream again either Lumene Time Freeze Firming Eye Cream or Own Lifting Eye Cream.After that I like to use a lifting or tightening serum. I use either Lumene Instant Lift Serum or Own Firming Silk Concentrate. I prefer the formula of the Own Firming Silk Concentrate. It goes on a bit more slippery then Lumene and makes my face feel great by the time I wake in the morning.
After that I do a final moisturizing using either Lumene Firming Cream or Own Refining Hydrating Night Cream. 

Weekly Additions-
I use my Clarisonic Mia with a cream cleanser normally 3-5 times a week. I truly believe the Clarisonic is what keeps my face looking it's best. My skin has improved SO much since using it.
Once a week I use the Dermaroller along with a Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask. I swear by the Dermaroller. It has improved the look of my skin tremendously.

 I also highly recommend drinking water. A lot of it. I drink water all day long and it really helps improve the look of my skin. If I do not drink enough water or drink a lot of alcohol my face shows it. So drink up!!
So there is my skin care routine. Is it perfect? Probably not. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to skin care so I like to try things and watch for the results. I recently added a retinol cream to the mix and my face FREAKED OUT. It was dry, oily and broken out BADLY. I stopped using the cream and my face returned to normal within a week or two. My routine now is really giving me the results I am looking for.

Do you have any skin care tips you would like to share? How about a product you love? Tell me about it!

 Thanks for reading,

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