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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect

 What is it?  At home gel manicure that sets without a UV light.

How much is it?
$11 and up. I got mine on clearance at Rite Aid for $6

Where to buy it?
Drug stores, Ulta and Wal-mart

What is it supposed to do?
Gel nail that is supposed to dry within 5 minutes and last for up to a week with no chipping

What does it ACTUALLY do?  It actually was a really bad product. The application was a bit of a pain. You have to really read and follow the directions or else the gel will not set. I did my nails and they did dry within 5 minutes and looked great. Nice and shiny. My nails are normally brittle and peel but they felt strong and hard with this polish on. The next morning I woke up and the tips of two fingers had chips on them. I did not do ANYTHING except sleep. My normal manicure with just polish and a top coat doesn't even chip when I am asleep! So per the directions, I reapplied the gel polish and setting coat on the chipped nails and went about my day. I loaded the dishwasher and took a shower and noticed MORE chips. I had to reapply the gel nail polish and setting coat EVERY SINGLE DAY for a week. If you left the nails chipped they would snag on everything because of how thick the gel polish applies. I also had no acetone on hand to take the gel polish off so I ended up wearing it for 2 weeks and picking it off. Gross. 
Overall thoughts? This product is JUNK. I would not buy this again. Nutra Nail Gel Perfect costs $11 and up which is a total rip off because you can get a REAL gel manicure for less than $20 .

Have you tried Nutra Nail Gel Perfect? If so what did you think?


  1. I was thinking about getting it. Thanks for the review!

  2. I was thinking about getting it. Thanks for the review!