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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ben Nye Final Seal

What is it?  Makeup setting spray

How much is it? 1fl.oz. for $4.95,  2 fl. oz for $6.30  , 8 fl. oz for $16.20, and 16 fl. oz for $20.10. You get approx. 20 -50 applications per ounce.

Where to buy it? http://www.battsavl.com/products/final-seal

What is it supposed to do? Ben Nye Final Seal is meant to set your makeup and keep it in place for hours. It claims to be water resistant and smudge proof.

What does it ACTUALLY do? I have used this spray a few times and it definitely lives up to the claims. My makeup stayed looking fresh and flawless for the entire day and evening through temperatures over 100 degrees. I also used it when I did my glitter eyebrows and it kept my eyebrows looking fabulous in spite of the heat and me sweating.

Overall thoughts? I am in love with this spray! I am a huge fan of all Ben Nye products and this setting spray did not disappoint. It has a slight minty scent and for me I only used one spray so the 1oz bottle I bought will last me quite a long time. The formula does contain alcohol which I also smelled when I spritzed my face but the scent faded within seconds. I probably will not use this everyday only because I really do not want to mess with my skin too much. I am in a very good place with my current routine! I will use this when I do bold looks or want my makeup to really last. I also will use this anytime I do makeup on someone else. It very budget friendly. I could not find the ingredients anywhere online for Final Seal so I will list them below for anyone who needs them. 

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Water, Acrylates/ Octylacrlamide, Copolymer, Triethanolamine,Propylene Glycol, Fragrance,Phenoxyethanol, Blue 1.

Have you tried Ben Nye Final Seal? If so what did you think? What is your favorite setting spray?

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  1. I really need this my make up always melts off :(
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  2. I enjoyed reading about this setting spray. I have not tried this one.

  3. Great information. I didn't know Ben Nye had this product.

  4. I think I'm going to try this. I got the UD setting sprays and honestly, they were one of my biggest disappointments. I have a hard time keeping my foundation on with my oily face, and sweating in the summer makes it about 20 times worse. Sounds to me like this might be the answer to my problem.

  5. I may give this a try as it is so budget-friendly but my understanding is that these types of sprays should not be used frequently because of their alcohol content. It's essentially like spraying your face with hairspray - great for special occasions but problematic (free radical damage) over the long term.

    Thanks for a great review. I've heard lots of good things about Ben Nye products.

  6. I use this all the time. But never for my everyday makeup. I do theatre, and we use this to set our stage makeup. I'm actually surprised it's being used for something other than that. I always thought Ben Nye was Stage Makeup.

    1. Oh no. We use Ben Nye for non stage theatrical looks too ;)

  7. Hello, I found this on Google. I hate the smell of mint, so how long does the scent last? You mention the alcohol scent faded instantly. Also, what kind of mint is the smell - spearmint or peppermint?

  8. I have already tried Ben Bye makeup and its really great. It gives no harm on sensitive complexion.

  9. just brought it hope it works!!! but this review made me get it

  10. The ingredients seem to be a little...harsh.... to say the least. Any idea how sensitive skins react?