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Sunday, August 12, 2012

MAC Fleshpot

          My wonderful friend Stephanie gifted me with this beauty, MAC Fleshpot. If you are a daily reader here you know I am a SUCKER for nudes. I love them!! I asked her about Fleshpot recently and she told me she had one and that I could have it! SWEETHEART!!
           I am going to have problems here soon. My daughter LOVES to watch me put makeup on and usually asked for body lotion or blush on her cheeks. This time she was insistent that I let her wear the lipstick. I thought it was cute so I put some on her. I think the color suits her . Before anyone gets preachy, I do not normally put makeup on my kid. I pretend with a blush brush and put chapstick on her but that is it.
             Fleshpot is a permanent pro color but was released in a collection to the public in 2011.  Fleshpot is a nude beige with a tiny hint of pink and is a satin finish. I love the texture of this lipstick. It is a bit opaque when applied heavily which looks weird on me so I applied it lightly and rubbed the harsh edges out with my finger.
                I love this nude especially with a bit of gloss on top. It really tones down the harshness of the "nudeness" and makes it pretty. Did you have Fleshpot? If so what do you think?

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  1. Love this colour but for some reason had never heard about, thanks for doing this post..aww my little princess watches me put on make up and asks for blush too:)

    Sara xx

  2. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! I think its so cute how she watches you do make up, already make up obsessed :)

    1. I know! She is my 4th daughter and so into it already. My middle two could have cared less and still are not into makeup even though they are teens!