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Monday, July 30, 2012

Storage and Organization - Brushes

              I was at the happiest place on Earth last week, you know Target, and came across this gem in the $1 section. The $1 section at Target has grown to include higher  priced items, this organizer was $2.50. I snatched it up and decided it would become my new brush organizer. I personally LOVE the $1 section at Target for storage/organization. They have so many different bins, baskets, cups, organizers and other random things to store stuff in for super cheap. My old brush holders were hard cardboard cups from the $1 section. They did me well but I sadly outgrew them.
 Goodbye my darlings, on to your new home! My daughters desk!!
(I am being cheesy, I know)

                 This organizer can hold a lot of brushes. I have over 30 brushes and there is still a lot of room.  I was excited that finally my face brushes had enough room and were not squished.  This organizer makes my collection look small. I think I need more!!

             Overall I love this organizer. It is holds all the brushes and is tiered so I can see them easily. The cups I was using before had a tendency to hide the brushes I was looking for. BAD CUPS!!! But seriously, this is a nice organizer for only $2.50. Get to Target and get yourself one!

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