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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Klean Color Angelic Winks False Lashes

              I was browsing  a local clothing shop and came across these Klean Color lashes for only $1.99! I am familiar with the Klean Color brand, I use a lot of their nail polishes and eyeliners. Most Klean Color products are under $2. I personally have only seen Klean Color products inside of little strip mall clothing stores. They are usually Asian owned shops and have names like Fashion Joy, Fashion Plus or something similar. When I seen lashes I almost screamed out loud. So excited! I am super cheap  when it comes to buying lashes. I HATE spending $5 or more on them. I normally buy Ardell or order Red Cherry online. These are better because the shop is just 5 minutes from my house! They are available on Klean Colors website BUT I have heard from a few people that shipping is absolutely insane high but you do get free shipping if you spend $40 or more. I can say the nail polish, eyeliners and lashes are good products. I notice they carry a lot of different products. I may place an order in the future.

Adorable Betty
       These lashes are made from human hair, they wash easily after use and come in a huge variety of styles. I used mine at least 5 times each before they started getting out of shape. They all have adorable names too, I just noticed one is called "Dashing Christina". I NEED!!!!

Rebellious Laura
         I will for sure be going back to buy a TON of these lashes. They are the same if not better in quality than Ardell or the other lashes sold at Sally Beauty. Have you tried Klean Color lashes? If so what did you think?

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