PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tips for blending!

                     Yesterday I posted this look on my facebook page and the owner of Beauty From The Earth reposted it on their fan page asking " Would you wear this look". Well quite a few people said yes, there were a few no's but there also were a lot of people saying they would if they could. That they could not blend this good or that it looked too hard. Well if I can do it, anyone can!! A lot of makeup looks look difficult but they are actually really easy. I am going to do a photo tutorial and a Get The Look  tutorial for this look sometime during the week but until then I wanted to share a couple tips with you. This look did not take very much work or blending. In this look and most of my other looks, I overlap colors to create a seamless transition from color to color. I apply the shadow first in sections with an eyeshadow brush sometimes I will overlap slightly but usually I do not. Then I reapply everything with a fluffy brush overlapping. The fluffy brush is key!!. I use the MAC #222 brush which is not available anymore. This is my holy grail brush. If something every happened to it I may die. Seriously. Studio Tools makes a really nice fluffy brush. It is marketed as a crease brush and is less than $2. I get mine at Target. I use this sometimes but really the #222 kicks every other brushes ass. If you can find this brush ANYWHERE you should buy it. So overlap colors , fluffy brush and do not be afraid to keep adding more shadow where needed. Start small and keep adding slowly until you get the look you want. If you add a ton of shadow right away you have no room to work anymore and suddenly you are gonna look like Mimi from Drew Carey. Not good!! I normally reapply shadow with the fluffy brush 1-2 times to get the blending I want and then top edge I normallly go over 5 -6 times. These are just average. With a really dark look I obviously would blend out the top more but this gives you a general idea. So practice, practice and experiment! Makeup is fun!!!

Thanks for reading,