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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lime Crime Fantasy Palettes

            My makeup sensei Lisa recently picked up both of Lime Crime's Fantasy palettes and wanted to share her pictures, swatches and opinion with you all! Thank you Lisa!!!

Palette D'Antoinette
China Doll Palette

China Doll Palette

Palette D'Antoinette

Both palettes have really great pigmentation and texture. Both are very opaque and buttery in their consistency. The only one with a slightly different texture is the black, but I find myself reaching for it often because it has almost zero fallout. I'm not sure if that is intentional or not, but I find it to be a plus for me when I'm wanting to add a bit of black into my outer corner/crease area near the end of a look and I don't want to deal with black fallout or it spreading beyond the area I want to put it in. The black is almost more...greasy in a way. I'm not sure how to describe it accurately. It can be a little harder to blend out than the others, but its rare to have a black eyeshadow that you don't have any fallout with whatsoever.I definitely gravitate towards the China Doll palette much more than the Palette D'Antoinette because of the colors.

Top row is China Doll Palette and Bottom row is Palette D'Antoinette.

The pastels in the Palette D'Antoinette are actually really unique in my opinion because they're almost a neon pastel that you don't expect to be opaque, but they are. The pink is a cotton candy color. The green is really bright but pastel at the same time so that is kind of odd. I don't wear orange very often because thats the main color that really doesn't look very good on me, but i can see using a little bit of it here and there for transitions between red and yellows that I don't want to be very dark toned. The purple is kind of strange because it tends to turn more of a cornflower blue when i use it on my eyes, but I actually like it. The silver is pretty awesome for inner corner and lower lashline....its quite reflective for a pressed eyeshadow, so I like that about it. I don't really expect to use the Palette D'Antoinette all together as much as I would the China Doll, but I like them individually.

Top row is China Doll Palette and Bottom row is Palette D'Antoinette.
The China Doll Palette:
If you have the Sugarpill heartbreaker palette, I don't really think the reds in this palette and that one are comparable at all. This red is more of a tomato red, whereas Love+ from Sugarpill is a little less warm toned and a true primary red. The blue is a true sky blue and quite bright and really opaque, so that is very unique in my opinion. The gold color has a bit of shimmer in it, whereas the others in this palette do not. The green is sort-of a kelly/hunter green that I don't often wear but its quite nice....and there is the black that I already commented on. These colors together are a little bit more up my alley as far as creating a look using them together, but again....I like to use them individually with other brands as well.

Look using the China Doll Palette

       The texture of all of these is really great, they blend out beautifully and fallout is minimal. They're all opaque in one swipe, but that goes for the darker colors especially.I really like these palettes personally and I reach for them a lot. The cases are made of some kind of metal so they are  nice and sturdy. The black part the eyeshadows are sitting in is made of semi-flimsy plastic though, but that doesnt really matter to me - it keeps them light and does the job. The palettes themselves are pretty slim and not bulky at all, which makes them much easier to store than a lot of my other palettes. Overall, I'd say they were a good buy. The cases are attractive and easy to store, and the colors are unique and nice to work with.

 Look using Palette D'Antoinette

          Thank you again Lisa for the super informative post and pictures! You rock girl! Have you tried either of these palettes? If so what do you think about them? They are both on my wishlist but I really want China Doll.

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  1. Amazing..Love me some bright Colors

  2. Best post I've seen on these palettes thus far!

    1. Thanks Sarah. Lisa is really good at explaining things in detail. She is fabulous for doing this post!!!

  3. very pretty palettes! your eyes look amazing! great job!

  4. sorry for the crappy iphone pictures, lol. I have a real camera but the iphone is much quicker and more convenient.