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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sugarpill HeartBreaker Palette

           I got my new Heart Breaker palette from Sugarpill last Wednesday! I have been waiting for this palette for MONTHS. SO EXCITED!! Sugarpill is by far my favorite bright and bold makeup company. This palette and the others in the "Addicted to Pretty" collection are $34 and worth every single penny. You can also buy the shadows individually for $12 each. All of the pressed shadows from Sugarpill are SUPER pigmented and go on smooth like butter. Can you tell I love them??
           Sugarpill palettes are very thick and sturdy. It is like a regular cardboard palette on steroids. This palette came with 4 gorgeous new colors.

Vibrant matte lime green with slightly pearl sheen.

Vibrant matte royal blue.

Matte mint seafoam with a slightly pearl sheen

Matte purple with a slightly pearl sheen

All of my babies!!

This picture seriously makes me smile. So gorgeous!!
Burning Heart, Heart Breaker, Sweet Heart

Swatches in the sunlight

Swatches with flash

Swatches in natural indoor light

         I used the whole palette in the look below. My eyeliner wasn't  cooperating very well but I still like the way it came out. Velocity is so pretty and a shade of blue that I love to wear lately so I think it is my favorite out of the palette BUT I love them all. They are all so bold and apply beautifully. They blend with ease just like all the other pressed Sugarpill shadows.

I used 2AM over a purple NYX Jumbo pencil for my eyebrows!

     I did my friends makeup the day after I got the palette, she devirginized it!! I used all of the colors in the palette on her. I really like how this look came out. I actually like it better than the one I did above. I plan on using this palette everyday this weekend so watch for some more looks soon!
       Did you buy your Heart Breaker palette yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Everyone needs this! If you already have yours, what do you think? If you have done looks please post a link to it in the comments below so I can check it out.

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  1. I am so jealous! And the look you came up with is incredible! That green colour... oh my goodness! I am on a serious spending ban atm.. but as soon as I'm off it this is the first thing I'm gonna get :D

  2. I can't wait to receive mine! I believe this monday cause the post man came yesterday but I was not at home.
    I love the colours! Just a question, they don't look as much as pigmented as the old pressed eyeshadows, is it a huge difference?
    Thanks for the pics!this palette really suits you!

    1. I think the 3 of the colors are lighter then the other pressed shadows. They are just as pigmented but they are just lighter in shade. I really like it because now there are so many looks I can do using the light colors in this palette with the darker in the others

    2. I see! Thanks Christina :)The more I look a your pictures the more I want it to arrive!! <3

  3. Yay I'm glad you got your palette!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! i have been meaning to get my hands on some sugarpill, but i keep putting it off!!! the new palette looks amazing!!!

  5. Got mine a couple days ago and I can't stress how much I love Sugarpill! I was so excited they did another palette and it is as awesome as the other two. I did however drop it this morning and broke off a chunk of Mochi :( I broke my bullet proof a week back too. My palette will be fine since the colors are so pigmented they last forever but my bullet proof is now pigment style...I will have to order a new one because it is my favorite black. But it will work for now. I think that this pallet is very reasonably priced for what you get as are all Sugarpill products. Thanks for the pics I love seeing what everyone comes up with, very inspirational!