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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

                  I know I gush on and on about my awesome friends but once again I must do it again. My sweetheart of a friend AMP thought I needed some MAC for my birthday so she gave me some money with the rules that I MUST BUY MAC!! I had no problem whatsoever falling that rule! I snatched up Pink Cult and Pink Popcorn both from the recently released Reel Sexy collection.
              I have quite a few MAC hoarding friends so I asked them which items out of the new collection did I need, seeing they had them all for a couple of weeks at that point. Almost everyone said Pink Cult and Pink Popcorn, so that is what I ordered. When I opened Pink Cult I have to say I was disappointed. It looks super matte, dry and plain. I did not even think it would show up on my face but boy was I wrong!! It is absolutely gorgeous! It gives me a perfect flushed look. I have used it pretty much everyday since getting it!!

             Getting good swatch pictures was so hard so I just added them all. I did not edit the color at all in the swatch pics.

    I was also a bit sad when I opened Pink Popcorn because I felt like it was similar to Budding Love but once again.....WRONG. I am going to stop making assumptions from now on until I actually try the product on. Pink Popcorn is flippin' AWESOME! It goes on silky smooth and sheer but is buildable to a bold opaque finish. Ohhhh I love it sooooooooo much!!!!

Pink Cult cheeks and Pink Popcorn lips

Did you pick anything up from the recently released MAC collections? If so, what did you get and what ended up being your fave?

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  1. oooo you got some awesome buys! Pink Cult is fantastic isnt it? I got it way back in the jeanius collection I think and I may need to get a back up of it ;) That lipstick is really nice too!

  2. Love the blush and the lipcolor.. Your makeup always looks amazing. Your blessed with such beautiful facial features and structure.
    xoxo L.jay