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Friday, March 9, 2012

Physicians Formula Haul

              The Rite Aid near my house had a bunch of Physicians Formula stuff on clearance so I bought a TON. I bought most of it for the blog giveaway last week and this is what I ended up keeping for myself. I paid roughly $3 per item. Not bad considering regular price is around $10-$15 per item.

         I have never used a Kabuki brush and was pretty excited. It is made from natural hair but it is not particularly soft which I was hoping for. I used it for the first time with some pressed powder and liked the way applied the powder. As I sat there finishing my makeup my husband told me I had cat hair all over my face. I looked closer and this brush shed 4 big gross white hairs on my face. YUCK. I have used it numerous times and it still will shed at least one hair every time. Annoying. At $3 it is still worth it but if I paid $10 I would be pissed.

           I have never really used powder on my face until recently. I have been using a pressed  powder by elf which I did not like too much but it did make my eyebrows seem less harsh and it gave me a softer finish on my face. This was on clearance so I figured I would see how I liked it. This powder claims to do a lot. Protect your face from sun damage, restore it using natural extracts and prevent damage with antioxidants. All of that sounds good but who can tell if it is actually doing all of those things, right??? As a powder it is very nice. I like it a million times better than the elf powder. It has a way better smell and it seems to give a more airbrushed finish to my skin. However if I had to pay regular price I would still stick with the elf powder.

            I am super picky about moisturizers and liquid foundations. I absolutely hate the feeling of anything sticky or oily on my face. This moisturizer also has the same claims as the powder foundation, protects, prevents and restores. Sure. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free, non-irritating, non-comedogenic and oil-free. It went on pretty light and did not give me a greasy feeling. I still could feel it on my face but like I said, I am super picky. At $14.95 this is pricey but for a moisturizer and a foundation in one it is a good deal.

              This blush is super pretty and shimmery. I personally like a shimmer glow on my cheeks but I know a lot of people dislike it. Physicians Formula says -
2-in-1 blush and highlighter illuminates and defines cheeks for a pretty and pink glow.
Features five coordinated waves of luminous color for shade customization.
Darker shades can be used to contour and accentuate cheeks.
Lighter shades can be used for an instant highlighting and brightening effect.
Sweep across all shades for the ultimate blushing glow.
          I agree with everything they said. I really like this blush. At $11.95 it is a bit expensive for a drug store brand but you are getting a highlighter, bronzer, blush and contour all in one.

           I disliked this A LOT!! It was very matte and very chalky. The bronzer made my face look dirty.  There was really nothing good about this except the cute packaging. Physicians Formula claims this blush/bronzer will give you a sun kissed natural finish but I found it just to be harsh and gross. Not a fan!!!

               So that was my Physicians Formula haul!! What did you think? Have you tried any of these products and if so, what did you think? Giveaway winners, what did you think of your Physicians Formula prizes???


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