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Monday, March 19, 2012

March Glam Bag

     I got My Glam bag! If you are wondering what My Glam is you can check out my post from last month here . Basically it is a monthly subscription, for $10 you get a bag with 4-5 deluxe beauty samples and sometimes a full size product. This month I can say that I am disappointed. It is all random stuff and NO makeup. BLAH!!!!!

               Everything came packaged nice but once again ( like the January bag) everything inside REEKED!! It was either from the cosmetic bag or the brush holder. It had a very strong smell almost like tires or rubber. Either way it is disgusting.

Color-Enhancing Leave-In Hair 

Treatment by Keracolor

 Keracolor is a daily leave-in treatment which deposits color on the hair shaft that lasts from shampoo to shampoo, giving it added depth and luminosity. Keracolor not only gives provides the freshly colored look every time, it also infuses keratin to the hair shaft adding strength and elasticity to your hair. All Keracolor products are enriched with our C.E.T. Complex to enhance, protect, strengthen & hydrate all hair types. It adds instant shine & moisture, fighting environmental stress & free radicals, while providing thermal protection. This leave-in treatment doesn’t just make your hair look healthy, it is healthy. You will look and feel like you just visited the salon every time you use Keracolor.

     I do not have normal colored hair anymore so I am reluctant to use this product. It is up for grabs if anyone wants it!!!

Glammie Classic Crease 

Brush & Brush Case

 Hand-selected by Michelle from her recent trip to Hong Kong for Cosmoprof Asia, freshen up your spring makeup routine with this MyGlam exclusive classic crease brush and case.

          The case to brush smelled horrible but the brush is actually nice. I liked it. This was pretty much the only thing I liked in this months bag.

Pur-Lip Comfort Daily

 Lip Nourisher by Pur-lisse

 Fruit butters and healing vegetable oils make Pur-lisse Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher - a petroleum-free formula that doubles as a primer - one of the beauty industry’s most effective lip hydrators. Vitamin E softens and protects against free radicals, bathing your pout in luxurious moisture.

              I liked this. It is a full size product which is nice. It is a good lip product. I do prefer the Jouer lip treatment that came in the Birchbox a few months ago over this one though.

                 I am not going to even bother going into detail for the below products. Another stupid coupon code I will never use, moisturizer and an eye cream. I used both and both were just average. I really do not get the whole eye cream in a sample packet mainly because using it once or twice isn't enough to gauge if it works or if you love it which is important especially when these products tend to be quite pricey.

           I am going to complain for a second. You may notice I do not link any of the products or include pricing like I do with my BirchBox breakdowns. It is because the My Glam website sucks. You can not purchase directly from My Glam. You have to click through a link and go to the actual website for each product to get pricing and to purchase. That is irritating. Plus there has not really been any products I feel like should be promoted nor would I buy the full sizes. I know My Glam is new and improving but I hope to see some major changes with their site and hopefully better bags in the coming months. I like the fun in getting a surprise pack of beauty goodies in the mail each month and I know there will be months that I do not like the products ( like this month) so I am not too disappointed. 

    Did you get a Glam Bag this month, if so what did you think?

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