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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lime Crime Carousel Gloss

             I have been drooling over the new Carousel Glosses ever since Roxy did her guest post and since seeing Heathers awesome post on them. They are seriously GORGEOUS. I have not had a lot of funds to play with lately so I havent ordered. My friend Nina had Candy Apple and did not think she would use it so she sold it to me. Woooooot!!! This is my first Lime Crime item. I have heard mixed reviews about the company and the owner but have only heard good things regarding their lip products.
       When I got this I was SUPER impressed with the packaging. It very good quality and quite heavy.
        The color I got was Candy Apple. This one looked like something I would wear more than the others but truthfully I want every color. They all look AMAZING.
             The actual gloss is very pigmented. You can tell so much in the picture but the applicator is actually a really small brush and not the typical doe foot which is nice because you really want to apply this gloss precisely and evenly. This gloss is pretty thick and sticky which is a good gloss quality. I personally am not a HUGE gloss fan normally but the pigmentation and glitter in this gloss trumps my dislike for stickiness.

             You can apply Carousel Gloss as thinly or thickly as you desire. The thinner it is the more translucent it will be and the thicker you apply it becomes opaque. In the picture below I have a medium coat on. I have worn this gloss plenty at home but am afraid to wear it out. I am not used to wearing bold lip colors so I am totally afraid of smearing this everywhere. I also need to invest in a good lip liner. My husband is in LOVE with this gloss on me. It is such a gorgeous, deep red with red glitter. I am pretty sure I could convince him to buy me the whole line of Carousel Glosses for my birthday.

Carousel Glosses come in  5 different shades and are $17 each.  Have you tried Carousel Glosses? If so what did you think? What other Lime Crime items are must haves? I am DYING for that China Doll palette!!!

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  1. Oh, this one is really pretty! I love it :)

  2. I saw some of the swatches on Rose Shock's blog awhile ago and fell in love then this makes me want to buy them even more!