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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Silk Naturals - Review and Swatches

                     I was contacted by Silk Naturals and asked if I would like to try some of their products. I checked out the website and a few things caught my eye. I decided to try out some of the mineral pigments and some skin care items. My package arrived within a few days of the first correspondence. That was nice. Everything was packed safely in a bubble mailer and arrived safely. Inside the package was a printed insert containing a "Guide to mineral makeup" and ingredient information.

                 I received Olive Oil lotion, Firming Moisturizer and 4 loose mineral pigments. Everything was sealed and labeled nicely with the exception of the Firming Moisturizer. It had no ingredient label. I looked for it on the printed insert I received but did not find it listed. I checked the website and I think this is what I received http://host.silknaturals.com/creb/firming-moisturizer-coq10-renovage-p-882.html

$2.99 - $11.99
                 Silk Naturals says -I wanted to make a simple hand and body lotion- nothing crazy, or over the top- nothing that required a science lesson- just a good, basic, not terribly expensive, yet natural, and organic cream.  I finally succeeded.  This is nothing fancy- just 7 well chosen, nice ingredients.  It's light, yet nourishing, and I used a really cool emulsifier that actually resists being washed-off more than most- so it's nice if you're washing your hands a lot.  There's also some Oatmeal extract that helps draw moisture from the air- even at low humidity.  If you're not overly concerned about acne it's also nice as a face cream.
You get a one ounce bottle- perfect for your purse.  If you really love it we'll make bigger sizes.
Ingredients:  Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Certified Organic Jojoba oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol (naturally derived from Colza oil), Sorbitol Hydrolyzed Oats, Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate 

               I say - This lotion is really nice.  I hate greasy lotion and when I seen Olive Oil I was afraid. It had a good consistency and soaked into my skin leaving almost no slickness. The label on the bottle did not specify if this was for body or face so I only used it on my hands which were really dry. This eased the dryness and kept my hands feeling good. The natual ingredients really make this lotion a winner in my book.

$2.99 - $16.95
              Silk Naturals says -
If you want dewy, glowing, younger looking skin- this is the moisturizer for you.  Our Firming Moisturizer has the wonder ingredient Renovage- it works by extending the lifespan of your cells to help reverse all of the signs of aging.  In clinical trials:
  clinical evaluations on a panel of women after RENOVAGETM treatment:

  • Sun spots and skin moisture improved in 100% of the panelists!
  • Redness and pore size reduced in over 90% of the panelists!
  • Skin roughness, fine lines and barrier function improved in at least 75% of the panelists!
  • Skin firmness, tone and elasticity increased in 75% of the panelists!
  In vitro effect of RENOVAGETM treatment:
  Skin explants exposed to UVB irradiation:

  • Protected catalase activity by 100%!
  • Increased cell resistance to harmful UVB by as much as 100%!
  • Prevented loss of cell function by as much as 60%!
  • To that we've added CoEnzyme Q-10 encapsulated in lipsomes to take it deep into your skin's surface- instantly firming, and providing great anti-oxidant protection.
    This is all in a wonderful lotion base containing organic aloe juice, jojoba, passionfruit, and raspberry oils- all wonderfully skin smoothing and packed full of vitamins.

    This moisturizer is a little bit different from  pretty much anything you may have tried before.  Instead of using a waxy emulsifier we start with a thick gel,and then stir in the rest of the ingredients...it feels lighter, there's less of a chance that it will clog pores. 
    You get a 30 ml bottle- enough for about a month.  Osmotics CellularLongevity Serum with Renovage is $150 an ounce- and it's probably worth it- but because we're selling directly to you, and have no advertising budget you're getting a super bargain!
    Ingredients:  Organic Aloe Gel, Jojoba Oil, Renovage, Raspberry Oil, Passionfruit Oil, Water, Phospholipids, Ubiquinone, Sorbitol, Gluconoactone and Sodium Benzoate, sodium Carbomer, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Green Tea

                  I do not have as much to say <3  Because the labeling was so vague I was hesitant to use this very often. I did use it once at night and it did moisturize well but I can't review whether or not it is firming at this time. After reading through the product listing I am going to start using this at bedtime and I will update the review when I am finished with the sample.


                Silk Naturals has over 267 mineral pigments to choose from! Wowsa!! That is a lot of choices! I received Rollick, Phantom,Silver Lining and Vandal.

                   The pigments swatched very nicely. I was really excited about Phantom.

    Swatches in the sunlight

    Swatches with flash

               I did a look using all 4 colors. They all applied well and blended  easily. The colors were pigmented and applied opaque.

             Overall I like Silk Naturals. I really like the range of products they carry. They pretty much have everything from skin care to hair care. I am pretty "Crunchy" in my daily life, I cloth diaper, we use cloth wipes for the baby and napkins, recycle, garden and all that jazz so the whole natural theme to the store and products is very appealing to me. The website is easy to navigate and the pricing is average. I will be placing an order soon for some blushes and lip items soon. Have you tried Silk Naturals? If so, what did you think? is there a product that I must try? Let me know!!!

    Thanks for reading,


    1. I love Silk Naturals - the shadows here look gorgeous! Glory is an amazing eyeshadow. The lip stains are excellent and Pretty Please is one of my fav MLBB colours!

    2. I adore Silk Naturals. I recommend their Coconut Argan Cleansing Conditioner and Restoring Protein Deep Treatment. The Amplified Lip Glazes are also really nice. And the cream blushes. And more shadows. They are an awesome company!

      1. Ohhh thanks for the recommendations!!! I will have to try some of the hair products!!

    3. You have to try EVERYTHING. My youngest sister and their friends can't live without Super Serum and Oatmeal Serum. Ultimate Luxury Treatment Powder is uber nice. My sisters also adore the cream blush and tons of SN lippies. They are the best. I've got my friends hooked on them, too. Don't forget to get the Eyelights formula. They're crazy beautiful.