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Thursday, February 23, 2012

February My Glam Bag!

                  I got My Glam bag earlier this month. Just a few days after my Birchbox. If you are wondering what My Glam you can check out my post from last month here . Basically it is a monthly subscription, for $10 you get a bag with 4-5 deluxe beauty samples and sometimes a full size product.
             This months bag was Valentine's day themed. It all came inside of a cute pink makeup bag. I do not use makeup bags so I gave mine to my niece. She totally loved it. Overall this months bag did not thrill me. I still feel like I got $10 worth of product so I am pleased but wish there was more makeup and less skin care.

NuMe Professional Styling Tools 

and Hair Extensions Gift Card

                 This is not too interesting to me because I already have a curling iron and flat iron and I have no desire to spend hundreds on hair extensions. I have the code to save $100 if someone wants it!

Cinderella Mask by Dead Sea Primer
  • Cinderella had just a moment to get ready for the ball where she met her Prince Charming. She was magically transformed! However, at the stroke of midnight, everything would turn back to the way it was. Apply the mask before your next ball or romantic date on Valentine's Day and watch your skin transform before your eyes. You will see wrinkles become firmer and fine lines instantly tighten.
    How you ask?
  • This mask is specially formulated and packed full of beta-carotene, Vitamin E and A, tea tree oil, soy protein, cinnamon extract, pro-vitamin B5, Dead Sea minerals and the mud from the Dead Sea. Oh, best part of it all, it will last up to 3 days, so feel free to stay out past midnight.
    Application :
  • Thoroughly cleanse the face and neck area. Gently massage a thick layer of mask onto the face and neck. Wait for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Apply cream and make-up, if desired.
              This is a mask. It did what it claimed and my face felt nice afterwards. This product retails for $149 which makes me laugh. I would never spend that much for a face mask. EVER.

Roll On Shimmer by NYX

 Dazzle your face and body with Roll On Shimmer! Jazz up your look with any of the 16 brilliant shades that wears on eyes, face and body. Loose powder with intense shimmer and glitter. Simply apply to your desired body part by rolling on the product and control the intensity of the pigment yourself! Easily blend the shimmer powder using a brush or clean fingers and take with you everywhere you go for added sparkle.
           I have to say this product is weird. It is too big and bulky to be used easily on the eye and the actual shimmer powder is way too dark to use anywhere on your body. So uh....what are you supposed to really do with it??? It does seem like something more suited towards a young teenager. I had a hard time rolling it evenly over my eyelid. I did however like color of the shimmer powder. I used my finger to blend out the top edge.

Shine Control by X Out

  What it is:
  • X Out Shine Control is an oil-free moisturizer with a mattifying complex that helps to instantly absorb excess oil.
    What it does:
  • X Out Shine Control is designed to help moisturize the skin while helping to minimize the appearance of shine, helping to create the perfect canvas to apply your makeup. It's the ideal primer to add to your daily beauty regimen as it hydrates while helping to control oil and mattifying the skin.
    What else you need to know:
  • Oil-Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Created by dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, the makers of Proactiv®, America's number one acne system

                   I am pretty picky about what goes on my face so I have not used this yet. Have you tried it and if so what did you think? I do not want to even open it if I am not going to like it. I would rather pass it along.

             I am not a fan of food items in these beauty bags/boxes but this chocolate was yummy so I will let it slide this time LOL.

Pineapple or Goji Berry

 Facial Mask Sachets by Freeman

Hydrate skin with Goji Berry Facial Hydration Mask, which helps calm, hydrate and nourish for soft, supple skin.

               I like masks and I like the Freeman brand but a Freeman mask was in last months bag so I wasn't too thrilled to see it. This mask was good and I liked it but I want to see some variety!!!

           So what did you think of this months Glam Bag????



  1. Just got my bag a couple days ago :) pretty disappointed that it's mostly skincare stuff too, especially since I have sensitive skin. I wish if they were going to put stuff like Proactiv in the bags, they'd have a better beauty quiz to determine who should get what..

  2. I agree, did you get the email they just sent out? It said bags were NOT customized to the answers you gave on the beauty quiz but they hope to be in the future. That is lame!!

  3. so dump out the NYX glitter and press it? :)

  4. I also thought the applicator would be awkward to apply on the eyelid, so I just rolled it on my hand and used a brush to apply it. Kind of lame, considering the easy factor of the roll-on.

    I did my review here: