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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Pretty Zombie!

           I asked on my facebook page for some recommendations on new companies to try out and quite a few people suggested My Pretty Zombie. They had a killer deal (lolz) for three samples in your choice of color for $3.64. I ordered and my samples came within a week in a  letter size envelope enclosed in the card above. How awesome is that card. I seriously had to stare it for quite a while because the detail are just great. My kids however were semi horrified. They were more shocked as to why someone would do that to a Barbie then scared though. Seeing the name of the company is My Pretty Zombie I was not offended or shocked by the card. I actually enjoyed it.

                       Inside were the 3 samples I chose. I have been loving the whole Fall color scheme so I chose Miasma, Murder and Moist. Wow, that is a lot of M's. The samples were not labeled with ingredients but were labeled with color name and website.

             The pigments swatched nicely. I do not have a favorite because these are all colors that I love lately but Murder is a really nice rusty red color. I already have quite a few rusty reds, golden yellows and oranges in my collection so these did not stand out overall for me but they are just as nice as the colors in my collection.
               Here is a look I did using all three colors. The pigments applied every well. They went on pretty opaque and blended very easily. No fall out at all.
               Overall I really liked the samples I received.  The price was nice for samples. Regular pricing is $5.00 for a five gram jar. The etsy shop could use a bit more organization . All of the cosmetics are lumped into one category so if you are looking for certain colors you have to go through three pages.
                    Have you tried My Pretty Zombie? If so what are your favorite colors they offer?

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  1. I love 996, Anthrax, and Bettie....oh and Unicorn Pee...you definitely have to get Unicorn Pee!!!

  2. Ahhh I already have Moist, and I have Miasma on the way!

    My favourite colors that I've TRIED are Unicorn Pee, Rabies, and Pink Eye. Especially Pink Eye. It doesn't photograph well, but... WOW.

  3. I've been meaning to try them, but haven't done so yet. They look great, though.

  4. That card is great! My Pretty Zombie has been on my list of Etsy shops to try for quite a while. I just need to have shopping money LOL