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Friday, November 25, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Palette 1 week challenge! #4

                       This look is so full of fail. As I was applying it I quickly realized it was almost identical the look I did a couple days ago. Then when I was putting my eyeliner on I hit my eyelid and left a nice black mark. I will admit I was so frustrated I started crying ( I was already annoyed because nothing I have to wear fits right. I have lost quite a bit of weight and everything looks frumpy now). So I had to add a bunch more black to this look which I did not want to do. I ended using A5 on my brow bone and just under my eyebrow. I8 is the red shadow and then I used K5,K6 and K8. My liner is Jordana Fabuliner and mascara is Stila Major Lash. I did not write down what I used on my cheeks and lips because I was not going to even post this look because it looks the same as a few days ago. Anyway, looking at the pictures I realize I am being hard on myself and that this actually looks nice. Go figure LOL


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