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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Falsies Mascara by Maybelline - Junky Stuff

Maybelline Falsies Mascara has made the Junky List!!

 I had a $1.00 off coupon for this mascara making the total cost around $5.00. I thought I had heard good things about this mascara so I was quite excited to try it out. Here is what the Maybelline website claims.
300% MORE VISIBLE LASHES corner-to-corner, no gaps

 The wand was nice, the formula looked very thick and goopy though. Come to find out after buying this, most of my friends who have tried it, HATED IT. I think I imagined hearing good things about it!!

Naked Eye

Falsies Mascara applied.

I did have some clumps and issues with eyelashes sticking together but those were not the big problem with this mascara. The problem is, it takes a damn sandblaster to remove it. I normally use mascara that washes off easily with Neutrogena Face Wash/ Makeup Remover all in one. I never use a separate remover to take my makeup off. I washed my eye area two times with the Neutrogena wash and I still had very sticky lashes and raccoon eyes. I had to go back in with a very oily makeup remover and saturate my lashes and really wipe hard to get it all off and even now, after sleeping and washing my face again this morning I can feel a sticky residue

So Falsies Mascara by Maybelline most DEFINITELY is on the Junky Stuff list!
Have you tried it? If so, what did you think??

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  1. awww thats sad u didnt like it.. I love it!!except the new flared one.. I live by the falsies.. but everyones different ..

  2. Good to know...tho, I wouldn't have bought it anyways. I absolutely HATE mascara commercials. Do they really think we are so stupid as to believe the eye models aren't wearing true falsies? Lame! On a side note...i like basic maybelline great lash mascara the most! Now, I DID try a sample of Chanel's mascara that curls the eyelashes and OMG it's FAB! However, it's way too pricey for me!

  3. It's my go-to!! That and benefit BADgirl lash make the most amazing lashes for me! I do have to let my makeup remover sit on my eye a little bit to remove.

    And I think it makes your lashes look great, imo. :)

  4. I can honestly say that I didn't like this product either. I have really short lashes so this did almost nothing to lengthen them. Now I didn't find it hard to remove but I do use either Neutrogena's make-up remover wipes or the Yes! To cucumbers. I'll definitely be sticking to Smashbox's Full Exposure. <3

  5. Yeah, I thought it was garbage too. Oh well, I got it half off at Walgreens a while back, so I wasn't too upset about it. I had tons of trouble with clumping and nastiness. It didn't help with length or volume in any way! So, thanks for getting the word out for everyone!

  6. I have this one and I think it sucks. It clumps my lashes together horribly.

  7. Suuuure... the one with the great review, I didn't get, but the one that's crap...yup I bought this. I didn't try it yet and maybe I should take it back and trade it for the Colossal!