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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spellbound by Jynx Giveaway!

The awesome Sara from Spellbound by Jynx sent me a package recently
and she included a bunch of stuff for all you followers!!

If you have not heard of Spellbound by Jynx you can read my original review
here. This is a fairly new company but so far everything coming out from
Spellbound has been great!

Here is a sneak peak at some blush swatches I was sent to test.
So pretty!!!
#4 and #5 are my fave and have became part of my daily makeup!!
I am not sure when blush will be available for purchase
but I had to include the swatches because some of the colors
are just too gorgeous!
Sara also sent me a full size pot of my FAVORITE blue Phoenix and
a couple pots of some neutral browns. Since getting into mineral makeup
I have completely ditched the browns and actually have almost NONE
in my stash of over 200 pigments. Nuts, Huh!!!!
Huge Thanks to Sara!!

Now onto the giveaway!!
There will be two winners chosen!
Sara donated the prizes so of course there will be
extra steps to enter!

One lucky follower will win 7 full size pots
of pigment!

Another lucky follower will win 6 samples baggies
filled with pigment!

How to enter?

You must do ALL of these to enter. 

1. You must be a follower on this blog.
2. Like Spellbound by Jynx on Facebook
3. Browse Spellbound By Jynx artfire shop and tell me what color you like most.
Once you have done all three comment below the color you like most from the shop
to enter.

Enter ONCE. Duplicate entries will be deleted.
Winners will be chosen on 8/4/2011

Thanks for reading!


  1. I personally like Phoenix the best! :)

  2. I liked Jupiter--I'm a sucker for a vibrant teal!

    Good luck to everybody :)

  3. Dragon Scales is calling to me, it looks absolutely beautiful in the pictures!

  4. Athena FTW <3 I love greens/golds.

  5. I love Jupiter. It's such a lovely blue. I'm thinking of getting the sample pack. that would keep me busy with makeup for a long time :)

  6. Already follow via GFC and I just liked her FB page.

    I love so many colours but my fave colour is Third Eye. Compassion looks great too :)

    Thanks for the great opportunity, I'd love to try her shadows. Good luck everyone

  7. I really like Jupiter, but all the colors are really pretty so it's hard to just pick one((: Good luck to everyone :D

  8. Hestia is definitely my favorite. It was love at first sight, haha. <3

  9. Jupiter and Phoenix look like automatic favorites to me

  10. They all look good! I think I like Mediterranean the best though.

  11. Anubis! Its is so beautiful!

  12. You know, I love Athena a lot but I think I like Persephone a little more? Okay, fine, Athena you win.

  13. I'm gonna second Emily and go for Dragon Scales. It looks gorgeous!

  14. I'm going to have to go with Garnet. LOVE purples, especially on my big brown eyes. [:

  15. GARNET!! it's a beautiful purple!

    i just wanna mention that i LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the greek gods collection!! i've had that idea for months and even mentioned it to 2 different companies and asked them to make it (one company was the terror known as GS..)
    it's basically a perfect collection, i even envisioned most of those colors with the names! (kind of obsessed, yeah?)
    i LOVE it, and will be saving up to order them all *fingers crossed*!!

    sorry for the novel!

  16. Compassion looks absolutely beautiful.

  17. I <3 Leto!! It's such a pretty pink.

  18. I really like dragon scales :)

    I've never been one for brown shadows as they tend to make my eyes look like two big mudpies but browns with a little extra punch make my eyes pop and twinkle...I've tried brown w/gold, brown w/peach and brown w/pink.

    Since I love green eyeshadows this would be a very interesting shade to play with :)

  19. I really like Apollo, Solar Haze and Seth!

  20. Jupiter appeals to me the most.. Also liking Hades! :D

  21. I really like high tide!

  22. I did as you asked and checked out their page, OMIGOSHHHH soooooo many beautiful shades!!!!!
    I can't just pick one! The second I saw them my mind started racing with all the possible looks and combinations I can create!

  23. Followed, Liked...and I like Impulse.

  24. I like pheonix the best, it is beautiful and amazing

  25. Liked her page, and left a comment letting her know how I came about her page. <3 Already follow your blog diligently. <3

    Now to the hard part, how on EARTH am I supposed to pick one color I like the most? It's impossible for me. I'm always a wreck when there are too many choices. lol

    So here is my top 5... be thankful I got it down to 5.. hahah: Dragon Scales, Artemis, Dubloon, Balance and finally Blue Steel. heheh <3

  26. I liked MUSE the best... I love purples and that would be one I could wear really often! Thanks for sharing!! :D

  27. I liked MUSE the best... I love purples and that would be one I could wear really often! Thanks for sharing!! :D

  28. <~~~~Michelle Chalfant....NAPALM TANG

  29. I am loving Artemis! It's such a pretty yellow!

  30. 1. I am a follower on this blog- Cynthia Richardson
    2. I Like Spellbound by Jynx on Facebook - Cynthia M Richardson
    3. The color I like most is Dark Side of the Moon - Blue Silver Mineral Pigment


  31. 1. Check :)
    2. Done:)
    3. I'm a sucker for awesome pinks so Leto is calling to me. I don't have a peachy pink yet. *Drools*

  32. 1 - I am your follower via GFC /Elena/
    2 - 'Like' them on FB /Elena Rudaya/
    3 - My fave color is Apollo

    queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com