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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Benefit Feeling Cheeky Mini Set

I recently picked up this nifty little cheek tint set from Sephora.
I paid $15. 
I had been looking for something to give me that
"flushed" look and almost all of my friends
recommended Benefit benetint.

I sold high beam because I really do not like the
way illuminators make my face look shiny. It irks me.

Opening the bottle surprised me because the applicator looked
like a really cheesy stiff nail polish brush. I tried applying this with the brush
to my cheeks but because this is a stain type tint it sets like uber fast.
So fast you do not really have a chance to blend it out.
I applied some to my fingers and rubbed it in and that seemed to
work a bit better but it stained my fingers.
Overall the best way to apply is with one of those foam
makeup wedges. 

Posietint is a petal-pink stain that plants a kiss

of see-through tint on cheeks and lips. 

I agree with the product description. Posie tint gives a really nice sheer pink color. 

Benefit Benetint is a kiss-proof and waterproof, indelibly sheer tint. It gives an innocent yet provocative glow to keep everyone guessing, "what has she been up to?"

Totally agree with the product description! This gives
the best rose colored flush look! It is a bit
hard to apply because it stains so fast but overall
I really like it. Plus it smells like roses!!

I used benetint on my cheeks and lips here.
I lightly applied Dusty Rose from Antoinette's
Revolution Cosmetics on my eyes.

Overall I really like these tints. While they are a bit of a pain
to apply they are worth the hassle because of the gorgeous
flushed look they achieve.

What is your favorite tint from Benefit?

Thanks for reading,


  1. I bought that set a few weeks ago. Posietint is my favorite

  2. I have all three!! The tints are awesome on your lips too!