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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Purple Time with Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics

I decided to swatch all of Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics
purples for you so you can see the color variation

Icing Purple is a really beautiful lavendar, with tons of prismatic shimmer.
Louis is a beautiful violet, packed with aqua and violet glitter.
Majesty is eggplant in nature, with a touch of violet glitter
Duchesse is an ultraviolet matte with lime green glitter.
You are going to LOVE this!!
Duchesse is very similar to Poison Plum by Sugarpill.
Ducheese has glitter in it while Poison Plum is matte.
Also Duchesse is a loose pigment and Poison Plum is pressed.
Both are gorgeous shadows.
I highly recommend both but
if you are on a budget than you will want to go with Duchesse .
Duchesse is $4.25 on sale right now and Poison Plum is $12.00

I used all the purples for this look!
 I really like the way it came out!


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  2. I like it :)
    I think purple makes your eyes appear brighter and more open

  3. Duchesse is frakking amazing, holy hell!

  4. Oh how I love purples, great look!

  5. Awesome look, I love purple! I really want Duchesse!

  6. Louis is gorgeous! Do you have a link to where we can buy these from?

  7. I love the hint of sparkle in Duchess!

  8. River - Here is the link http://www.artfire.com/users/AntoinettesRevC

  9. I love Duchess and Icing Purple.