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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics Review

I recently ordered some pigment samples and the full sample set of
My package arrived promptly.
I ordered 13 Amplified Lip Powder Samples $7.00, 1 Lip Candy $6.50
and a 10 pk Sample Grab Bag of pigments $5.00

Amplified Lip Powders
I expected these to come with some instructions on how to use or mix them
but they did not. However, the product listing does explain how to use them.

Full size pots are $5.50 (5 gram jar)
Samples are $1.00 each or get all 13 colors in sample size for $7.00

Here is the description from the product listing.
Lip Powders come to you in a 5 gram jar with 
about 1.0-2.0 grams of product.
Lip Powders are great for patting over lipsticks,mixing
with glosses,creating your own unique colours by mixing
different lip powders together to acheive a new and intruiging look!
Apply on bare lips and set with a clear gloss on top!
Please note: When lip Powders are mixed together with clear
gloss the colour you see in the pot may different depending
on how it is applied,some colours are known to lose intensity
,or sometimes appear less dimensional. 
Patting ontop of lipsticks give you a fun and creative flair.
Lip Powders are also eye safe otherwise noted..
Close up of the sample label.

Get ready for lip overload!!
I applied the lip powder on lightly glossed lips and then applied extra gloss on top.
All pictures were taken with flash.
(color descriptions were taken from the product listings)

Bubble gum pink with a violet sheen.
Orangey coral base with pink-violet sheen.
I love this color! It is so complex! It reminds me of the inside of an
abalone shell. This photo does not show the awesomeness!!
Bright orange with violet sheen.

pinky coral with a golden orange duochrome.

Violet toned pink with a pearly violet-pink shimmer.
Love this color too. It has an iridescent to it. Once again this picture
does not do this color justice!

baby pink with an intense violet-pink duochrome.
As you know, I have been looking for a white based pink. This color is GREAT!

 pink with an intense pearly white sheen.

pink base with an intense copper-golden orange duochrome.
Love this color too. The gold is gorgeous!!
blue based maroon with strong golden sparkles.
bright cheerful orange with a golden yellow duochrome.

Strong coral orange base with a strong gold/copper/orange duochrome.
I love this color too. Apparently the gold undertones call to me!
ultra shimmery white gold with a strong copper sheen.
 This color did not work well on it's own but it is great for layering with other colors.
Medium toned red with a small violet hilight!
My lip candy came sealed in a 5 gram pot.
Wild Thing
Creamy Light Tea Rose Pink.
Description from the product listing.
$6.50 Each
Lip Candies are packed with colour and punch!
Lip Candies are a highly pigmented melted lipstick 
that is hydrating. Stays put,glides on effortlessly and is long lasting!
Lip Candies come in an array of colours and finishes!
New colours are always added so check back often!
Each Lip Candy comes to you in a 5 gram jar with about 4 grams of product
This formula is vegan and comes scented with peppermint or 
Vanilla (Please Specify In The Checkout Which You Prefer)

A lip brush is encouraged for precise application and most sanitary.
I know this color may look weird to some of you but it is
actually exactly what I was looking for. I love a white looking pink.
I applied heavily for these pictures but normally I would use this lightly
with a gloss over it. Add a black smokey eye and I am in LOVE.
The product is smooth and goes on nicely with no bleeding.
I am not in love with the taste of it though.

Here is a close up of the pigment sample label.
Yay for ingredients being listed!
You can get random sample packs in sets of 5 all the up to 50.
Pricing ranges from $2.50 to $25.00
Full size pots are $5.50
7 of my 10 samples potted.

Elektora, Lady Stardust ,New Wave and Hologalactigon really caught my eye.
The colors blend VERY well and are nice and pigmented.
They went on opaque without having to apply very much.

Lady Stardust, Elektora and New Wave
New Wave as eye liner.

I liked these pigments so much that I used them 2 days in a row!
Here I used Electric City and 
I also used Rich Girl with some Tarte Lip Lustre on my lips.
Lower liner is e.l.f shimmer pencil.
Overall thoughts?
I like this company and the products.
I really love some of the Amplified Lip Powders and some of the pigments
are neat colors.
Pricing is average and turn around time seems standard.
My order came loose inside of a padded envelope so 
 no frills with packaging.
The website is a bit difficult to navigate and was confusing at times.
I most likely will place another order for random samples 
and some Lip Whips in the near future.
Have you tried High Voltage Cosmetics?
If so, what do you think of them?
What is your favorite product?

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Thanks for reading!


  1. The idea of a lip powder seems a little...odd

  2. It is more time consuming than a gloss or lipstick for sure. I personally use pigments and shadows on my lips quite a bit so these appealed to me.

  3. I love High Voltage - the lip whips are very nice if you are going to order again. I got a few of the Amplified Lip Powders but I need to get a few more after seeing all your lovely swatches :D

  4. I love your review, it's so detailed and thorough... and WOW, the lip powders look absolutely amazing! I think Gone Surfin' is my fave, although it's nearly impossible to pick one.

  5. Great review! So many photos/details. Hopeless Romance seems tricky to wear but very unique/pretty. :)

  6. I don't know if I'd use lip powders as it's a pigment essentially. BUT I do love High Voltage and this reminds me that I need to order from them. Thanks for your swatches!

  7. So I'm not the only peron whose been playing with putting powdered pigments on her lips ;p

    @Christina - you make it very hard to stick to my promise of "no more makeup" with all your reviews and gorgeous looks ;) now I'm going to have to place another HV order for some of those lip powders

  8. I'll have to try lip powders and see what I think. Personally, i love the way they photographed...they would probably come in handy for photo shoots!

  9. Thank you everyone =0)
    Tiffany , I think these would be very handy for photo shoots since they are powder they would be more sanitary than everyone sharing lipstick

  10. WOW! Awesome haul and great review! I really want to try those lip powders, especially Hopeless Romance!

  11. It is gorgeous! You won't be disappointed!