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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Maybelline Dream Mouse Blush and Bronzer

As you know, I am a huge fan of the
I also LOVE their bronzer and blush!

I just got these two at Rite Aid. All Maybelline was buy two get one free
( I also got a backup foundation).

I had this bronzer a few years ago but ran out and never picked anymore up until now.
I really like this because it goes on pretty sheer and just leaves a hint of bronze shimmer.

 I think it looks more natural then a powder bronzer and it is very light.
I can not STAND the feeling of most cream or gel products on my cheeks
but this one is weightless.

In natural light
 Applied heavily and blended in.

Applied heavily and blended in

 I was super excited about this blush! I have been looking for this peach blush for
a few weeks but everywhere I went was out of this color.
This blush is not what I was envisioning because it goes on so sheer. 
You can hardly see it on my face.
So I am still on the look out for a good peach blush. 
It can be powder or cream BUT it must be lightweight.

Natural light
 Applied heavily and blended in.

Applied heavily and blended in.

Have you tried any of the Dream Mousse products by Maybelline?
What do you think of them?
Do you know of a blush or bronzer that is a must have??
Let me know!!


  1. I like their foundation too, just not my style. I like Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush, it's cute AND it smells nice. :)

  2. I've looked at these before, I may give the blush a try.

  3. I have Peach Satin and love it, never thought to check out the bronzer but I may have to now!

  4. You can blend with the brush or just with the fingers?