PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Monday, June 13, 2011

I like to look nuts

I do. I like looks that are over the top.
Things that do not match.
Bold, Bright and Glittery.
That is me.
I recently was talking to my husband about how I felt like a clown
every time I wear lipstick. He gently explained that it might be my color
choices. He said, " Maybe it is because all your lipstick is bright pink, red,
blue or purple.
Ummmm yeah, that is probably it. <3

So the above look is all kinds of crazy.
I put orange and blue together.
It looked uh.....different.
I did love the individual colors though.
I used all Virus Insanity Eyeshadow pigments.
VIE is a GREAT example of quality glittery pigments that blend well.
Some of the pigments are loaded with glitter but they blend wonderfully and
are very opaque.
This picture is HORRIBLE and I promise
the look wasn't this bad
in person.
I used VIE
Dance Dance, Techno and OMG

What is a wacko, out of the box look you like to do? Pics or links?


  1. What a nice husband to lovingly suggest it's the colors of the lipstick and not the lipstick itself. He's a good one!

  2. HEhe i know exactly where your coming from. I'm kinda the same way

  3. I think it's fun to do blue lips, which is very out of the box.

  4. I love bright eyeshadows, and I try not to wear red lipsticks when I wear bright eyeshadow. Sometime it's just a bit too much!

    It's probably why I love nude/baby pink lipsticks so much!

  5. I just did a rainbow eye. :D All of my looks are wacky and out of the box. If Facebook was working properly for me, I would link you. Just check out my personal page. I love everything you do..... even if you do look like a crazy person. <3

  6. if by crazy, u mean gorgeous? then yes. i agreee u look crazy (: its better to look like a crazy happy you than a meh cookie cutter u i think. im loving these colors on u <3