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Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest review - Indiegurrl Cosmetics

Here is another awesome review from special guest Jenelle!

Day 26 open

My lovely friend Christina H. has started a makeup business that mainly has blushes and bronzers.
It’s called Indiegurrl Cosmetics and you can purchase items either through her facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/indiegurrlcosmetics) or
Right now it seems to be that samples of blushes are only available on her 
facebook page and full size blushes and other items are on the etsy page.
I picked up three blushes and the face powder.
There are a few other products, but I have not tried them yet.

For the blushes I requested Strawberry Lemonade and asked 
Christina to pick two other colors for me. 
I received Pomegranate and Cherry Pie in addition to Strawberry Lemonade. 
All three are lovely shades. They are soft, pigmented, and easy to use.
The face powder currently only comes in Sweet Cream.

Cherry Pie is the most pigmented of the three colors. 
It’s the hardest to use because you need so little.
It’s actually perfect if you play down the eyes and lips and play up the cheeks.
It’s a bright fuchsia and it has minimal sparkle compared to the other two.

Pomegranate is a soft coral shade.
It’s moderately sparkled with golden shimmer.
This one is a little less pigmented than Cherry Pie, but it’s still easily buildable.

Strawberry Lemonade is easily my favorite of the trio.
It’s a soft light pink and it’s heavily loaded with golden sparkle. 
This is the least pigmented of the trio so I actually use it as a setting powder for my other blushes
. I love the golden sparkle.

The face powder in Sweet Cream looked a little ashy in the container,
but once I got it onto my skin it looked great.
It has excellent coverage and it makes my skin wonderfully soft to the touch.
It's meant for covering acne and pigmentation issues,
but I'm lucky in that I don't have a whole lot of that to test over. 
What I could test looked awesome. 

The blushes are large and the face powders are even larger. 
The face powder comes in a 30 gram sifter jar and is only $15.
The blushes are in 10 gram sifter jars and are only $6. 
Samples are a ½ teaspoon and are only $1. 
The pricing is actually really reasonable for how much product you get
and how little you need per use.
I plan on getting several more samples in the future. 
I love the ones I have and I want to try the rest. 
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Have you tried Indiegurrl Cosmetics?
If so, what did you think?


  1. I really like the idea of a face-centric indie company. These all look lovely.

  2. Cherry Pie makes me want to go out and buy a crap load of blush....