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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beauty on a Budget

I am starting a new segment called
"Beauty on a Budget"
I am going to be featuring low cost products that
in my opinion are the same or better than
 higher price products of the same type!

Ready, set, here I go!!

You all know I love love love my
It retails for around $10.00.

Want a cheaper alternative that is even better than the NYX marker?
Then meet the
INCOLOR Fabuliner by Jordana
This retails for less than $3.00 and is available at
Walgreens and I found mine at Sears.
 This liner is awesome! It is super wet and goes on smoothly.
I like this better than the NYX Super Skinny Marker because
the tip seems more rigid and sturdy. The NYX marker has a
softer tip that has started to fray. It makes lining the outer eye a pain.

The NYX liner (top) has a smaller tip and looks more rigid but
it is not. The Jordana liner (bottom) has a larger tip but seems to apply
more precise.
Overall I love both these liners but I will be buying the Incolor Fabuliner by
Jordana from now on due to the superior tip and lower price!

Next up is primer.
When I started wearing loose pigments everyone
told me I needed a primer and that Urban Decay Primer Potion was
the only way to go. I almost died when I seen the $19 price tag.
It took  a good 5 months for me to actually buy some because of the price.

Want a cheaper alternative that is equal in performance?
Then meet
Eyelid Primer by e.l.f!
This retails for $1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been using these both over the last month and
I notice no difference. I have normal eyelids that tend to get
oily after 8 hours of wearing makeup and I still had minimal
creasing with both primers.
UDPP (top) and e.l.f ( bottom) have similar applicators.
UDPP is bent and seems more porous but other than that they
are alike.
UDPP and e.l.f primer.
UDPP has a bit more slick formula than e.l.f primer.

I wish I had known about e.l.f primer before I bought my
Urban Decay Primer Potion. I would have saved $17 and
that could have been spent on more makeup!
I most definitely will NOT be buying anymore UDPP .
I like e.l.f primer much better because of the $1 price tag and
because it works just as well as UDPP.

Do you know of a product that I should feature on
Beauty on a Budget?
If so email me at glittermomto6@aol.com

Have you tried any of these products? If so what did you think?


  1. i LOVE the elf eyelid primer! i've never tried UDPP, but i have certainly eyed it for a while. and then i tried the $1 elf primer and was like "who cares if UDPP is awesome?! THIS is awesome enough!" - it works great!

    i've used the sally mini baked eyeshadows for just under $1 and i like them!

  2. I've tried the elf eyelid primer, and it's good. Fantastic staying power. I'd totally use it in a pinch. My only problem is that it washes out the colour of your eyeshadow, which I just can't tolerate. I'll stick with UDPP.

  3. Bekka, I always used a base over the primer so I have not noticed this. I will have to try it with no base and check it out

  4. I've heard great things about the ELF primer before, good to know you agree with them!

  5. I've tried both the UD and elf primers and the elf creases on my oily lids a bit earlier than the UD, it's still pretty good compared to others!

  6. I love my UD primer and have been rather suspicious of e.l.f. Good to know they are comparable. You might have me convinced to branch out and try e.l.f....