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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Super Duper Tuesday = EW!!

I was browsing over at
Vintage Or Tacky and fell in LOVE with this
Orange, Brown and Gold look.
It is so pretty..........on her.
Here is here look
Here is my version
I am not happy with this AT ALL.
I can't cut the crease to save my life.
I watched a few tutorials last night but they obviously
did not help. If you have any tips please let me know!!
My brown is a bit drab. I am not sure if I just think it is drab because
I hate myself in brown makeup. 

What do you think?
I used my Coastal Scents Palette
I used 
J1 as a highlight
J6 light golden brown
K7 Dark Brown
K8 Black
Goldilux by Sugarpill
Napalm (Orange) by Concrete Minerals.
Ew! Yuck, Obviously I need to learn how to cut the crease!!

I am in desperate need of some looks to dupe!
Please link me to some cool looks!!!


  1. I think it looks good. I am with you though, I almost never use brown/nude eyeshadows....just not my thing.

    I've only just started doing the 'cut crease' look. A decent brush really helps, to make it more precise.

  2. I also think it looks good, I have also never tried a cut crease. If you're interested, you're welcome to dupe some of my looks: http://makeupmama-michelle.blogspot.com