PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Monday, May 23, 2011

Antoinette's Revolution looks

A neutral look!! Can you believe it!!
I know me neither!!
I havent been sleeping well and have been really busy
so I thought something simple would brighten my face.
 Ladies in waiting all the way to the brow and 
Dusty Rose all over the lid and blended up
into the crease.

My husband said he wanted to pick my makeup colors.
I was actually happy because I tend to choose the same colors
over and over again
He chose yellow with a light blue top edge that got darker towards the outer edge
with pink under the eye.
 I think it came out pretty!
I used all Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics pigments again.
The yellow is  le solei
The dark blue is Dupioni
The light blue is Marie
The pink under the eye is Pink Rose

 Gah!!! I need more sleep!!

I have been experimenting with brow powder.
I have always used pencil to fill in my eyebrows and I actually
LOVE the look if a sharp drawn brow.
I know soooooooo 90's right?
Here is a comparison.
Which do you like better?


  1. Loove the yellow/blue eyeshadow combo. I often use lime green and blue together.

    I prefer your eyebrows on the left best, more natural.

  2. I use the lime and blue together all the time too so this was a nice change. Thanks for the comment =0)

  3. I actually like the neutral one better, but that's probably because I would feel better wearing the neutral colours myself.

  4. OOOOO I love love the second look, blue and yellow are gorgeous <3