PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So I did something stupid

In a moment of pure idioticy I decided to use my 
Smooth Away on most of my face.

For those of you who do not know, this is a Smooth Away
It is basically an evil sandpaper like disk that sands your hair off.
I have some Latino in me and instead of getting all the gorgeous traits
like glowing tan skin or a J-Lo booty I got a mustache.
I have waxed it, dyed it, plucked it and my new thing is to sand the bitch off with
Smooth Away. I am now realizing this is not a good option either.
Each time I have used it on my upper lip it has removed all the
hair but leaves me with injured skin.
Usually it will be red for a few hours followed by a few
days of extremely dry skin where I have used it.

Apparently I forgot about that. I was plucking my eyebrows a few days ago
and decided I should use the Smooth Away above and below my eyebrows to remove
all the stray hairs quickly. It seemed to work pretty good and I didnt have much redness.
So then I decided to do my upper lip which morphed into
thinking every bit of peach fuzz hair on my
face needed to be gone. 
So why was it stupid?
Because my whole face is dry as heck!!
It feels awful. I have so many patchy, flaky dry spots all over my face and worse
is I have them on my brow bone. Today I SLATHERED my entire face with 
a thick layer of lotion and just let it soak in.
It feels and looks somewhat better.
What did I learn?
I'd rather have a hairy face than a dry face. =0)~
P.S I think I will get my stache professionally waxed from now on!


  1. I was hoping this worked well. I can not wax my upper lip because my skin is so super sensitive. When it is waxed it takes off layers of skin, and I break out in serious acne and takes about a month of pain to heal.
    When I bleach it, it is great for about three days and then it is starts to turn black. Ive used so many different kinds. What have you used?

  2. Those things are EVIL. I bought an imitation brand one and the little bastard dried my face out and THE HAIR WAS STILL THERE! lol. I returned it and the lady didn't wanna give me my money back and I had to send an email to the drugstore bitching about having to argue to return a defective item! It's not like I have steel wool hairs hahaha

  3. Ouch to both!! I have heard shaving is an alternative but I am not sure I can do that. It just doesnt seem right. Truthfully I never really noticed a stache until I started taking lip pictures!! My camera is HD!!

  4. XD This made me laugh. My mom got one of those and i tried it....didn't work at all. stupid idea. I mean, if it worked with out like not being stupid, then yea awesome idea. But no, i think it sucks

  5. I had a serious reaction to doing waxing: it took a week before the redness and swelling went down. But now I notice hair on my face more than I did before... so I can see why you went full throttle, but I feel for you on the results. At least it will grow back!