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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Urban Decay/HauteLook

I placed an order on HauteLook during the Urban Decay event.
I was able to snag the Summer of Love palette and  few pressed shadows.
I am personally new to using Urban Decay.
I had a pretty bad experience with a lip gloss palette and my only other
Urban Decay product is Primer Potion.
I have heard good things about Urban Decay so I figured I should try them out!

I placed my HauteLook order on April 1st and it arrived on April 13th.

Everything was packaged great and arrived in perfect condition.

I paid $40 for this haul.

Electric seemed pretty similar in the package to quite a few colors
( I am a turquoise/teal hoarder)
that I already have so it made its way to my giveaway.

Summer of Love palette
( this appears to be the palette that debuted last summer.
A new summer palette is going to be released soon)
Included in this palette was a travel size UDPP in Sin and a 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Bourbon.
I have read and heard SO much about these pencils.
Since I am not big on eyeliner I really thought that $18 for one eyeliner
was INSANE. Like batshit crazy insane!!
I stand corrected. 
I tried the pencil out on my hand and let it set, rubbed it and it pretty much had NO smudge.
This is what my eyebrows have been begging, no pleading FOR!!!
I thought I took pics of it swatched but I guess I didn't. 
I have used it in my brows quite a few times now and I really like it.
There is glitter in it which is a bit weird on the 
brows but the glitter seems to fall off after awhile.
I haven't been able to figure out if they make a
24/7 glide on pencil that doesn't have glitter and
is a dark brown or brown/red color.

Close up of the shadows in the Summer of Love palette

I have used this color for a quick fresh neutral look a few times.
It is really pretty and has nice sparkle to it

UDPP in Sin. I love this so far. It is a golden shimmer primer and 
it looks really pretty by itself on the eyelid. So far I have only used it over browns or neutral shades.
If you have used Sin, does it look good under brighter pigments?

( this photographed more tan/brown than it is)

Some thoughts on Urban Decay.
The packaging is nice and pretty cute.
I like the shimmer and glitter in the shadows.
The 24/7 eyeliner ROCKED MY WORLD!!
The shadows glide on nice and blend VERY easily.
I liked everything but I wouldn't pay full price for the shadows.
At $17 a piece I feel like 
there are so many great indie companies around
and I really prefer a brighter more
pigmented shadow at this point.
I am glad I had a chance to try the 24/7 pencils and
I do plan on buying one to match my eyebrows.
I also really liked the UDPP in Sin.

So what do you think about Urban Decay? What are some of your favorite products?
Is there a must have I am missing out on?? Let me know!!

If you want to check out HauteLook please use my affiliate link!


  1. I've heard, and seen swatches showing, that Sin makes any color bolder and a bit more shimmery. I think Phyrra has some pics of it in action compared to other primers!

  2. I've heard so much of the liners, too, but never got around getting one. And probably won't as I'm not huge on lining, but glad you liked yours :)

  3. I am not a huge fan of lining my eyes with pencil either, i think it makes them look smaller. I do love it as an eyebrow pencil. I think $17 for smudgeproof is a pretty good deal!!

  4. I <3 Urban Decay ANYTHING.
    I want to get the Summer Of Love Palette.
    And I think I might be getting the NEW RollerGirl Palette as well........
    I'm an Urban Decay Junkie.

    Great haul.
    Enjoy it!!



  5. I <3 Urban Decay, Urban Decay is kind of what originally got me into my eye makeup addiction. I don't like that they use some of the colors over and over in their various palettes tho. I have two palettes and both have Sin and Smog and the Ammo box I have has 3 of the same colors as the palette you got :P o well. Still awesome, esp at that price! I'm so bummed I missed that sale :P

    and yes they have a 24/7 glide on brown pencil with out glitter. I have Whiskey which has no glitter no shimmer. I also have Rockstar which is sort of a burgundy brown which has a bit of shimmer to it but not glitter. If you want to see swatches I have some posted here: http://makeupmusiclife.blogspot.com/2011/02/peanut-gallery-urban-decay-247-gliding.html :)

  6. PS I haven't tried Sin under anything but that's a good idea, I'll have to try it

  7. Cathleen AndersonApril 24, 2011 at 9:56 PM

    I Love Urban Decay!!!! :) I Absolutely love love love the NYC Palette...So Bright and shimmery!!! Mowie Wowie is one of my many faves from urban decay! Oh and my fave eyeliner from them is ZERO 24/7..i use it almost everyday :) the only product that i really don't like that i've tried from UD is Their eye primer in 24 karat i think its called..its very gold and shimmery.. and gets all over when applied to the eye..but works just as well as the other primers...