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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Late Super Duper - FAIL

This dupe was DIFFICULT! I consider it a pretty big fail but wanted to post it anyway.

I asked my friends to link me to a look that was VERY different than my normal look.
BOY did they pick a different one!!
I was very intimidated. I decided I would only do one eye because there was no way I was 
going to be able to get both eyes to match.
One eye even proved to be too much for me!! I tried first with liquid liner
and that was a HUGE fail. It looked disgusting and weird.
Off it came and I used eyeliner pencil instead. It didn't give a crisp look like the original but
it was easier to work with.
I am not going to even bother with the products used for this look.
I am really glad I tried this look even though it was pretty 
discouraging how awful it turned out.
It did make me want to try more different looks so I can improve!

So after I washed that off I decided to do a look inspired by a gorgeous look I seen on
a girl from Facebook.

I messed the eyeliner up and had to wash it all off AGAIN. Above is the final look.
I like this, it isn't my normal colors so I feel a bit blah and 
muted  but otherwise I think it is pretty.
This looks way prettier in person!!


  1. For a first try...especially with something so dramatic, it actually turned out very similar! Good job! I'm too intimidated to try looks like this..now that would be a huge fail..lol!

  2. You're too hard on yourself. That looks amazing!!!

  3. I bet it'd be hard to duplicate the look period because the canvas isn't the same. The original has a model that has a broad face with lots of area past her eyes to work with. To me it almost looks like her face stretches out a bit wider than anyone I've seen in real life (maybe it's the makeup doing it? I don't know) I think you did a great job trying it out. :)

  4. What products did you use for your neutral eye?

  5. Thanks everyone! I am pretty hard on myself so excuse all my self hate LOL.

    I used the Coastal Scents 88 palette for the neutral eye.

  6. I actually think you did a great job! Kudos to your for even trying it, no way I would even know where to begin! lol

  7. I'd say it's a preety good try! Better then i could do. I am not a friend with eyeliners. You obviously have better skillzz

  8. The first look is super awesome. Your attempt at it was pretty good too, though I would say only the upper bronze/gold looked off.

  9. I love both looks! and the first one may not have turned out as well as you would have liked it to but I still think it looks really cool :)