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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ulta, Target and Ebay haul!

I have been shopping like an insane woman lately.
I went to Ulta and Target on Tuesday and then on 
Wednesday I got my stuff from Joys Cosmetics on Ebay.
Here is my haul!!

 My Target Haul
 This was a small haul because I broke the BANK the Sunday before shopping online.
The e.l.f brush was a new one I had never seen at Target so I grabbed it.
It is a contour brush but it is bigger than I thought it was. I paid $3

I also decided to give false eyelashes another try.
I have bought and ruined at least 10 pairs in the last few years. 
I just can't seem to get them on right. It is a mess!!
Someone in my makeup group suggested half lashes so I got some and the adhesive.
I tried applying them after my makeup was done and failed
 I just couldn't get the lashes in the right spot or the edges glued down.
I ripped them off and planned on throwing them away but
the next day I was naked face and bored so I tried again.
 Applying them before I have any makeup on seems to be the only way I will be able to do it!

This Wet N' Wild palette caught my eye. It was $3.99 which is totally affordable.

Top is over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Bottom is over bare skin

Overall it is a nice palette.
I am not crazy about how I applied it but the colors are bold and pretty.

My little Ulta haul
 I returned that dry eyeliner and gross moisturizer and got this stuff!!
 This was my splurge.
I have been eyeballing the lip lustre by Tarte for weeks now
but  couldn't bring myself to spend $24 on a lip product.
Since I had store credit it made me feel like I wasn't spending $24 on one lip crayon ;0)
I swatched all the colors at Ulta and decided on Adored.
This stuff is AMAZING!! It is so glittery and pretty!!
I definitely will be buying more colors.
The crayon is a very decent size and it will last quite awhile.
I highly recommend this product!!

I also got 2 Ulta eyeshadow crayons to use as bases under my pigments.
I have seen people use colored bases quite a bit lately and it really helps the with color intensity.
These were 2 for $8 on sale
 Dark Denim
I did not swatch the green crayon because I am going to return it.
I forgot that I ordered a NYX Jumbo eye pencil in green already.

My ebay haul from Joy's Cosmetics
I got 2 NYX Jumbo eye pencils and 3 NYX Jumbo Lip pencils
I paid about $14 shipped for this all.
I switched the labels on Hera and Narcisse by accident.

Hot Red

Here is my look from Wednesday.
I put the false lashes on, some liquid eyeliner and Hot Red lips


  1. I have those exact same lashes (and the 301s too). I love them. I had trouble at first, but then I have an easier time applying them (post-makeup) as long as I put some black eyeliner on first. That tends to work like magic for me!

  2. nice little haul :)
    I had a really hard time with falsies at first too. I just could NOT get it until I saw this tutorial video really helped me out soooo much. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iuo1lTxbsk&feature=fvsr

  3. Great Hauls!!
    I've been eyeing up the Tarte Lip Crayons too!!