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Thursday, March 24, 2011

M.A.C LipGlass! Viva Glam Gaga 2

My first M.A.C purchase!!!
 ( Seriously that little box of lipglass was in that huge shipping box)

I have always been a fan of pale lips so when I seen this lipglass I had to have it.
I ordered it online from M.A.C. It took 8 days to arrive.
I paid $14.50 and had a code for free shipping!

Hmmmm.....it is smaller than I thought it would be. 
You know this appears to be a recurring problem with me, I always expect things to be bigger!!

I hate sticky glosses. HATE THEM. 
I have only used cheap glosses in the past and figured that the stickiness was due to the cheapness.
Wahhhhaaaaa. I was wrong.
This stuff is pretty sticky.
The color is spot on. It works perfect for my skin tone. It is nude without being washed out.
I am pretty sure I need to invest in lip liner now.
Yeah, like I need another addiction!!
So do I like it?
Do I love it?
Will I buy LipGlass from M.A.C again?
Sadly no, it is too sticky to me especially for the hefty price tag of $14.50
I will buy the lipstick though. I know I can exchange it but I think I will keep it!


  1. The lipstick I amazing! It is a very warm nude tone but still works on my cool, pink toned skin. It just stands out ::a little:: more than my other nude lipsticks.

  2. I only have Viva Glam Gaga one lipstick.
    But I really like it.



  3. i've been pining for that lipgloss and lipstick!! it's the PERFECT COLOR. i always try to get that same color by putting some concealor on my lips and putting clear gloss over it....always, forreal.
    i'm not diggin' that it's sticky tho. hmm. but..i will prob still buy once them i can afford it! thanks for the post!

  4. Get the lipstick instead and just use a less sticky gloss over the top of it!!!

  5. I have BOTH, and personally like the gloss better BUT this combo give me huge color pay-off and lasts:

    Prep&Prime lips (I use the MAC one)
    Nudist Real Color Liner (Sally, Gel & Waterproof)
    Gaga lipstick
    Little more liner to blend.
    Gaga gloss over it all.