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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kaleidoscope Soaps

My good friend Tracey recently started selling soap again!!
She has been making soap for years and has ran many successful online shops !
Her new shop is called
                         She offers handmade, cold process soap that is artistically designed.
She has been making and selling soap for about 8 years. 
All soap is made with food grade, high quality oils that your skin will thank you for. 
Her recipes have been formulated to create creamy lather and luscious
bubbles that will leave your skin soft and smelling great!
I have tried this soap many times over the years and it is awesome!
They smell wonderful and are GORGEOUS to look at.
Plus they are huge weighing 4-4.5 ounces!!
You have to check out her etsy and read the soap descriptions.
Tracey is a RIOT!!!
Soap cost $5.50 plus shipping and will last you for quite some time!
There is a sale going on right now on her hyena cart shop for free shipping on all orders over $20
I had to order my husband some "Man Soap" because it looked 
so neat and he has always been a huge fan of Tracey's soap!
Tracey was  nice enough to send me an extra bar to give away!!
More on that in a minute =0)
Glenn used his "Man Soap" and said it smells wonderful, lathers well and left him feeling clean. 
He HATES greasy ,oily soap and he said that this soap has a perfect balance!
Each soap comes with an ingredient label! 

So would you like to win this full size bar of soap???
 This giveaway will be a bit different because the prize was given to me to give to you!
To enter:
1. You must be a follower of this blog AND you must LIKE  Kaleidoscope Soaps on Facebook. Once you have done both you can comment FOLLOW AND LIKED below.

Extra Entries
2. Post a link to this giveaway anywhere. Once you have posted please comment where you posted the link below. Use separate comments for each place posted.

 3.  Add Kaleidoscope Soaps to your favorite shops on Etsy. Comment FAVORITES below

4. Check out Kaleidoscope Soaps on Etsy and tell me which soap is your favorite. Comment your favorite below.

A random winner will be chosen on Sunday night (3/27/2011)


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  7. 5. My favorite soap from Kaleidoscope Soaps on their Etsy shop is "Cold Winter's Night" or "That 70's Soap".

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  9. I have 2 that I think I would really like...they are .Margaritaville and .Cilantro Lime Martini