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Monday, March 21, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Palette

I finally had a chance to play with my Coastal Scents palette I got last Saturday!
I went on a shopping spree last week and picked up the 88 color palette and 2 brushes.
I ordered this on a Sunday and I got it Saturday, 6 days after ordering.
The palette itself was packaged in a box, then bubble wrap, then wrapped in heavy duty paper a couple of times and then placed inside of a shipping box with more heavy duty paper to cushion it.
So yes, awesome packaging, the palette arrived intact and perfect!
I paid $18.95 for this palette.
When it arrived I have to admit, I was not impressed by the look of it. 
The shadows are about dime size and I thought they would be bigger. 
Plus I haven't had good luck finding super pigmented pressed eyeshadow ( except for Sugarpill). 
Now that I have tried it, I will admit my first impression was wrong!
The colors are very pigmented and apply smoothly with a very good color payoff.
They also blend great.
What I love about this palette is that you have all the varying 
shades right in front of you so it is easy to put together a look.
I have issues deciding on colors with my loose pigments because 
they are in separate drawers so what tends to happen is that I use the same 
colors over and over and never use others.
I also picked up 2 crease brushes, one rounded and one pointed
I paid $1.89 for the rounded brush  and $3.95 for pointed brush.
The rounded brush is sable and the pointed is goat hair ( really??? Goat hair???).
I haven't had a chance to try either brush. 
These are my first "crease" brushes so hopefully they will help with my crease work!!

I added letters and numbers to the palette so I can reference which colors I used when I post looks.

Here is the look I did today!
I used C4 in the tear duct area, C8 on the lid and D5 in the crease and blended up!
Picture with flash
See what I am saying about how pigmented this palette is!!
Picture with flash
Overall I am HIGHLY impressed with this palette and you can't really beat the price. 
Coastal Scents has many other great palettes and you can get them pretty cheap when you buy them in combo sets. I plan on buying a combo set on my next shopping spree!!
Coastal Scents also offers a TON of other beauty products as well and DIY ingredients for making makeup!

Do you have the 88 color palette? 
If so what do you think of it? 
If you have any looks you have done please post a link!! 
I am looking to dupe a look using this palette!!


  1. Super cute!! I love my 88 palette to create bright bold looks.
    Not a fan they used goats hair on thier brushes... YIKES.

  2. I love my 88 matte palette, you can't go wrong! I've had mine for over a year and I've used it for a lot of my looks. I also have the 88 shimmer palette but I've actually never really used it, lol. (ashamed)
    I have the same problem you do, about using the same loose shades and neglecting others, so I know what you mean. It's nice to have all your shades laid out in front of you.

    Here's a link to the "88 palette" label on my blog, you can see all the looks I've done using my 88 palette. :) Feel free to dupe them if you like, I'd love to see what you make!

  3. Thank you Amber!
    Emily - awesome! I just saved your blog, I will totally dupe you!!!