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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Virus Insanity Cosmetics ...My 2 cents

I just got a massive haul from Virus Insanity.

I replenished my entire pink collection and  I am super happy!! I was missing wearing pink!

Virus Insanity is run by Jennifer who is super sweet and GORGEOUS!
She offers great deals on her pigments .
Check out her facebook page to see the current deals.
She offers 6 pigments for $20, 10 for $30 , 20 for $55 or they are $5 each if you purchase less than 6.
The colors are very bold, they adhere awesome and go on super smooth. She ships very quickly  which is good for us impatient makeup hoarders! Each pot has an ingredient list on the bottom and comes with a sifter seal!! She sells through Facebook Shop Now tab at the moment.
I <3 them!! I went ahead and swatched my haul for you!

The Pinks/Reds
Bloody Kiss is the craziest color I have ever seen!!!

The Blue/Greens

The other colors. 
I am so pissed this picture is blurry. I didn't realize it until now and my poor arm has been swatched to death. Plus I was helping Glenn chop down a tree and I scraped my arm on the fence and now it has over 20 little splinters in it. Booo!!!

 Slyph is so cool!! It is a White color with quite a bit of purple glitter! So cool!!!

Tonight is " date" night
( with 2 kids in tow so I do not know how "DATE" that actually is, but it is the best I get)
so I went bold with my look.

I used Plaid is Rad, Sour, Intoxicated ( which i will be later) and Blow as a highlight.

Here is an over edited pic after I added my "hair"


  1. Jenni was my very first pigment company EVER - and i still LOVE the pigments i have from her and use them when i have a chance, though i rarely use my fave pigment, flash, because i dont want to run out. its my *ONLY SPECIAL OCCASIONS* pigment! <3

    plaid is rad looks AMAZING.

  2. The look is super gorgeous and I LOVE Virus Insanity!! Ferris Wheel is definitely the coolest color I own. I have another one on the way (heh ... order, not baby) and will order more from her whenever I get the money ^.^

  3. While I agree that the colors are great and they ship super fast I have completely stopped dealing with VIE as it started to look like a smaller scale version of Glittersniffer. Complete with contamination issues and personal attacks on anyone that doesn't agree with the owner :( Sad day.