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Thursday, February 24, 2011

My first visit to Ulta!!

UWe went furniture shopping today and after numerous hours of sitting on random couches I noticed there was an Ulta across the parking lot. I was secretly excited.
I really do not want my husband to think of me as some makeup addicted freak so I contained my giddiness. After spending a small fortune on furniture for our family room I casually mentioned that I seen an Ulta across the parking lot. You would have thought there was a 90% off sale on tools at Sears how quick that man whipped the car around and drove to Ulta. He loves me <3
He proceeds to tell me he is giving me $100 and that I should get something for myself .
I swear he is too nice. 
He dropped me off at the door and said he would drive around to keep the kids happy while I shopped.
Have I mentioned how insanely awesome he is??
So before I get out of the car he hands me $60 and says, I better not give you the whole $100.
LOL!! He knew better!!!
I walk in and am instantly overwhelmed. It is jam packed full of pretty things!! I had no idea where to start to so I just started browsing. Being new to "real" makeup, I had some sticker shock. Truthfully I used to use Wet N Wild with an occasional $4 or $5 drug store brand. 
So seeing a $24 lip gloss almost made me shit myself =0x
I was going to leave without buying anything because I had no clue what I was doing when I remembered they carried NYX Jumbo pencils. See, I melted and potted mine and I hate it!! So I grabbed one and then decided to just bite the bullet and ask for help. I asked the fancy lady in the black smock where was a good gel eyeliner for under $20. She looked at me and she said, " Do you mean like a smudge pot?" . I say, "Yes" even though I have no clue. So she takes me to one and hands it to me, I take it and promptly walk away.
I decide I will throw caution to the wind and just buy it. On my way out I noticed the large display of Ulta cosmetics and decide they are more my style ( in pricing). I noticed they had a white eye crayons so I ditched the NYX pencil and also grabbed a blush and liquid eyeliner pen. I qualified for a free gift bag for purchasing over $17.50 in Ulta cosmetics. I have no clue on the quality of Ulta cosmetics but I do imagine they will be better than some of the .99 stuff I have been using!!
Here is my haul.
I got 
Pur Minerals Gel Eyeliner in Carbon
2 Ulta Eyeshadow Quads
4 Ulta Brushes
 Ulta Mirror
Ulta Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Carbon Black
Ulta Amped Lashes in Jet Black
Ulta Double Eyeliner Pencil in Chocolate/Black
Ulta Lipstick in Sheer Rose
Ulta Eye Crayon in White Wedding
Ulta Double Lip Pencil in Rose/Halo
Ulta Lip Gloss in Cosmo
Ulta Blush in Adore
Ulta Blush in Afterglow
Ulta Nail Polish in Pink Leather

I spent exactly $42.96

Not so bad!! Overall I am happy with my experience at Ulta and with the products. I do not have much in my makeup stash other than my eye pigments so this giftbag rocks!
I will do a more in depth review of each product as I use it. I did swatch and try the blushes.
 Afterglow and Adore
 Afterglow and Adore swatched.
I really like Afterglow, it is a nice pink with some sparkle to it!!
Afterglow applied

Here is my EOTD

 Light Pink from the Icing Collection, Liasons ( Both Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics) and Spooky Girl by Madd Style.


  1. gorgeous!! and i love the pink in your hairs, and i'm glad you made out well... it's difficult to traverse those stores sometimes :)

  2. You've never been to an ULTA?! Oh wow. Our nearest one is an hour and a half away... so I've been online shopping there. I am so impressed you managed to come out of there under $50. I ALWAYS spend at least $100! But my husband stands there with my daughter while I do it, he even holds make up for me and helps pick out colors. lol. Perhaps you could pass on some of the self control???
    PS- I am pretty fond of Ultas makeup line, but not a fan of the brushes. I use ecotools brushes.

  3. My husband would totally hold the makeup for me but we had the kids with us and they would not be good in that store LOL. I would have spent more if I could have thought of some stuff I wanted. I did order some UDPP on Ebay last week, I wish I waited and just got it at Ulta

  4. I love Ulta - it's a nice combination of high-end and drugstore brands and their prices are fantastic! I have a couple of the Ulta brand eyeliners that I bought on sale but haven't tried yet. I should whip those out soon!

  5. My daughter is already in love with make up... she's 3, so we have to run around keeping her out of trial make up because she likes to make herself pretty. lol. I hope you continue to explore Ulta and tell us some of your finds!! :D