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Monday, February 14, 2011

Leeroy Jenkins............

Arrived in my mailbox today and promptly made his way on to my lips!

I ordered this awesome tube of  "win" from Shiro Cosmetics on Etsy.
I do not know what to call this.It goes on like a lip balm but has the color payoff of lipstick with a glossy sheen. Shipped this tube cost me ($6.50 plus $2.50 shipping) $9.00 which seems like a bit much but this stuff is worth it!
I think it is magic!!!
It does appear that $2.50 is a flat fee for shipping so when I order again I will be getting a few things.

This is my first purchase from Shiro but definitely will not be my last.
I plan on buying more "intertubes" soon and trying out some of the other products they have available.
My order arrived very quickly and was packaged AWESOMELY!

I even received a sample of pigment and another lip sample! Sad Keanu!!

I am glad I ordered this and even more glad that it rocks!
I have been looking for some new lip stuff lately but have a hard time paying for than $10 for a lip item.
Remember I am a cheapskate!!

Check Shiro out for yourself!


  1. why is there a bucket of fried chicken on the front of it?? interesting color

  2. The listing says:
    Whenever you apply this lip color, you must preface the application by bellowing, "ALRIGHT CHUMS, LET'S DO THIS." I don't care where you are or what company you are keeping; this is a rule. Enjoy.

    Color: Pale pinky-lavender (similar to the text color used for the Paladin class) with subtle blue interference and gold sparks.
    Flavor: Spearmint. I know chicken would have been more meme-appropriate, but chicken is a terrible flavor for a lip product. Contains real spearmint oil; may cause mild stinging or a 'plumping' effect.
    Opacity: May be applied moderately opaque or built up to complete opacity.
    Stains: Yes - please keep away from upholstery and small children!

  3. Ooh, I really want this color. I almost ordered with the 10% off but it wasn't a big savings and I'd rather wait til I can buy 3 of them :D

  4. LoL, I'd want it just for the name alone.

  5. OOO I've been waiting for you to do a review on them!! I finally gave up waiting and bit the bullet and ordered on Sunday. Now I'm just waiting for my order of 2 intertubes, sample collection of the entire Super Effective Coll, the Kawaii Collection, and a preorder for the hearts blush- 1 up! :)

  6. Damn you, Christina....yet another shop I'll have to try out LOL!

  7. I love Shiro! I like some of the lip colors but like you I can't bring myself to pay $10 for a lipstick/balm/gloss lol. I really want the new pressed blushes though, they look amazing! Potion is definitely on my next-to-buy list. ;D