PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had this awesome vision in my head of an icy blue/silver look last night.
But in reality it came out looking drab.
It will do though!!
 Random blue and silver
 Madd Style Disco Biscuit
 e.l.f liner

I got this flower clip in the mail today! I bought it from Sweets N Stuff on Art fire.
Once I seen it , I had to have it. I have a HUGE polka dot fetish and my favorite combo is red with white.
I have about 10 shirts this will match!!


  1. I think it looks quite nice ! Bit of a fairy feel to it I think :) x

  2. Love it. Everything you do is amazing, even when you think something is a fail I still love it. For that icy blue color, have you looked at Virus Insanity's new colors? She has one called London Bitch that I am head over heels for, it has an icy blue feel to it to me anyway. Its on her website under new colors. And thanks for the link to the hair clip shop, my daughters bday is coming up and she would LOVE that :)